September 22, 2008

Hey guys!

It’s Sunday night, I spent the weekend with my family at my grandparents for my grandfather’s birthday!!! I had so much fun, I missed them all so much and my family means the world to me. My baby cousin who is sooooo cute was there, his name is Mario and he is a year and a half old. I couldn’t get a good picture of him or I would put on up for you guys. Anyways, back to class tomorrow. My day starts at 8 a.m. so I will be trying to go to bed early.

For all of you considering aeronautical science as a major, I was supposed to go up on an observation flight with one of my roommates on Thursday but it got cancelled because her instructor was sick so it is being push to 2 weeks from now. I will let you know how it goes as soon as I get to go and will definitely have pictures up. I had a weather test this past Friday and let me tell you, weather is not as easy as I thought. I studied for hours with my roommate and we both did pretty badly. So, if you guys have to take weather classes like most of us here do, make sure you read the book and study hard!!!! There are so many “maybes” it threw me off, I am really hoping my professor made a mistake when he put my grade in though or something because I studied so hard and was so ready!!! I checked all my answers two times and still finished the test a half hour early!

OH, back to my trip home, I got to see my puppy!! I was so excited he’s so cute! I have a picture of him for you to see his name is Toto and he is a Yorkie-schnauzer mix. He jumped all over me the second I walked into the door, it was cute. I have a ton of work to do this week, I hope it dies down by the weekend so I can finally get some rest but for now this is all I can write. I will try to get pictures up of the observation flight and write about it as soon as it happens. Besides going study crazy nothing interesting has happened lately. So that’s it for now!!!


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**Age:** 19 **Hometown:** Cape Coral, FL **Career Goals:** To be successful and enjoy life and my job. **Activities:** I am a dancer and will soon be getting involved in activities on campus. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** It was a tough choice between FSU and ERAU because both meteorology programs are great, but I just loved Embry-Riddle!!!

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