About Elizabeth



**Age:** 19
**Hometown:** Cape Coral, FL
**Career Goals:** To be successful and enjoy life and my job.
**Activities:** I am a dancer and will soon be getting involved in activities on campus.
**Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** It was a tough choice between FSU and ERAU because both meteorology programs are great, but I just loved Embry-Riddle!!!

April 20th

Ok, so Finals week.. AH they start Friday and my first one is on Saturday, yes SATURDAY at 5:00 pm. Who had the bright idea of doing that one? ughhh… But the semester is quickly coming to an end!! I have 2 tests to take this week and then it’s done! Right now though, I am burnt to a crisp!! It hurts sooo bad! I went with my roommate to watch one of our friends play a softball game and we sat out there for 3 hours!!! I am sooo smart I didn’t bring a hat or sunscreen, just my sunglasses. So now I have bright red shoulders and raccoon eyes… real smart!

I just had a question e-mailed to me asking if an Aerospace Engineering major can minor in flight.. and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! There are a ton of people here who do that, but it is a lot of work. Competition starts in May for Flight Team, and I made the nationals team so we are leaving May 9th! And we finally got our new plane, the Tecnam. There is talk about naming it Lola =) I added a picture of it for everyone to see. This summer sometime she will be re-painted in Embry-Riddle colors and properly decaled. I hope everyone has a GREAT vacation!!!

April 8th

Hey guys!
Not too much new going on around here. I am sick right now, trying to get better… it’s a bad time to be sick with finals coming up and everything. Let’s see, last week I was elected treasurer of the Flight Team and I am very happy about it. I am in the process of trying to find an apartment with my roommates for next year (my current roommate, Katie and Lauren, a suitemate). Living in the dorms was definitely great for my first year, but I am ready to move off campus. I can’t wait to have a stove, haha.

We are finally getting our new plane (I think) for the flight team, it is a Tecnam!!! http://www.tecnamaircraft.com/P92_Echo_Super.htm

That is the website. You can check it out at, it’s a P92 Echo Super. That’s exciting. That’s all I have right now, sorry it’s so short I really need sleep, and to get better for finals. Send me some e-mails or messages on facebook if you have any questions! Enjoy spring!

March 23rd

So spring break is over (it wasn’t long enough if you ask me) and there is a little over a month of class left, AH! My break wasn’t very exciting. I stuck around here in Daytona to work and study. I hung with friends most of the time, I did go see the shuttle launch though. It was the best I have seen so far! I did some flying and tried to cook some stuff. Chili being one of the things, it’s not that easy, it did taste really good though!

Currently I am working on my schedule for the fall, I have to register for my flight block Wednesday and next week we register for classes. That snuck up on me quick! I also have a web project to do for weather where I design my own weather web page type deal and a test on Friday. AH!!! As soon as the semester is over, nationals for flight team will be held. I don’t quite know if I am going yet, but they are held the whole month of May, then it’s back here to finish my private and take summer classes. There really hasn’t been much going on lately so I don’t have much to talk about.

I added some pictures of the space shuttle but there are a TON more on my facebook. Check them out!!! Hope you guys are enjoying the spring!!!

March 9th

Hey guys!!!
It has been quite eventful since I last wrote to you all!! Let’s see, starting with e-mails/facebook-ers: There have a been a ton (ok maybe not a ton) but a lot of people contacting me! I hope I am helping you all as much as I think I am!!! Remember, if I don’t help you as much as you wanted or get back to you quickly enough, you can always call admissions.

Last Thursday (this is the best part of my week) I did my first 3 landings ever!!! They were nowhere near as bad as I thought they would be either!! I was going to fly today but the plane is down for its 50 hr. inspection so we will fly tomorrow! Spring break is just a week away!!! However, it seems sooooo far! I just recently got a job in admissions so if you all come for a tour, who knows maybe I will be your tour guide! I am not 100% sure what I am doing for spring break yet, I want to go home but my parents might come visit me for a few days instead so we will see. Either way I am in Daytona until at least Sunday because I have flight team practice Saturday. My friend’s girlfriend is coming in on Thursday and we are going to Disney World on Friday!! That will be VERY fun!! As far as classes are going – test in weather tomorrow and after that nothing much until after spring break. The semester starts to wind down after the break and finals will come up fast!

AH. I am getting a townhouse with two of my roommates that I live with now for summer and next year, that will be awesome!!!! There isn’t much else to tell except I hope you all have great breaks and keep the questions coming!!!!

February 23rd

Hey everyone!
I believe it is crunch time for all you high school seniors finding out what colleges you are going to! That’s so exciting!!! Let me know if any of you guys I have been talking to get accepted to Riddle!! This weekend is Parents Weekend for the COA families, my parents are not coming but a few of my friends are, so that will be the excitement for the weekend. Also, tonight is the last hockey game of the year, that will be fun, too! Since we don’t have football here the big event seems to be hockey. I am waiting very patiently for Prof. Gallup (Awesome!!! take him!) to put my grade up for the test I took yesterday and it is killing me!!! I also had a math test this morning that seemed fairly easy, and I have a legislation test on Monday that I need to study for. For flight team we are getting our new plane Monday I believe, it is a Technam “Super Echo.” We will use it for our landing events, it is a Light Sport so it should land very nicely! Last week was the Daytona 500, which means the roads are parking lots… and there were tons of drunk people all over the place. Daytona saw its excitement for the year. It is kind of annoying for us though, it takes forever to do the normal activity because of everyone!!! That is about all that is going on in my life right now though. Keep sending those e-mails!!! and facebook me!!!
<3 Elizabeth

February 8th

Hey all! I have tons of news this week! I had my first 2 flights for my private this past Monday and Friday! It was AMAZING! I took off, did stalls, and slow flight! Soooo much fun! My instructor, Derek, is also our flight team president and he is an awesome instructor!

I have been getting tons of e-mails from all you guys, thanks!!! I love helping you all out! I have tons to do this week though, I have a weather test, flight team every day but Friday. It is going to be a crazy week, nowhere near as crazy as last week though. I don’t even remember half the stuff that happened I had so much to do, a test in every class almost… crazzzzy!

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! Yesterday we went on a tour of the airport fire station (ARFF Tour) for flight team, it was AWESOME! My dad is a firefighter so I love stuff like that, I grew up around it! It’s so different than a normal station. I have some pictures 🙂 That tour definitely made my week though!

My boyfriend is sick too, well allergies I suppose so I spent the weekend taking care of him…ish. as much as I could I was pretty busy. Keep the questions coming guys. I hope I am helping! Have a great Valentines Day!! (not to be sour, but I hate the holiday)

January 26

Hello Everyone!!!!
I have been getting at least an e-mail or facebook message a day from my readers, so keep them coming! I hope I am helping all of you out and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

My weekend was pretty unproductive this time around. I have a cold, so I spent most of the day watching T.V. today and this Saturday we switched practice fields for flight team from Flagler to Palatka so I spent all day out there. I love the new airport, everyone is so friendly and it’s very laid back. Saturday was just a very rough day for us because the weather was bad and the 150’s couldn’t land at Palatka until the fog cleared and that wasn’t until almost noon (we had been there since 8 am). I have a full week this week too, practice Monday-Thursday and then again Saturday. Crazy schedule but its worth it =) The weather is going crazy here too, one day it’s freezing the next it’s hot, it is driving me NUTS! The Rolex 24 hour race is going on this weekend too, it has been sooooo loud out there because of all the cars at the track.

There isn’t much else going on, I have a few tests this week and the super bowl is on Sunday, GO STEELERS!!! I added a nice picture for you all to see of the Speedway from one of the team’s 150’s a.k.a Dorothee (named for donor Dorothee Miller). You can also see the Village in the top of the picture. I hope you all have an awesome end to January!!! Keep those e-mails coming guys – I love helping you all out!


January 11, 2009

First off, hey everyone and I hope you all had great holidays! Second, I got my computer fixed so I can finally use it the right way instead of having to deal with that stupid Mac!!! So on my break I went to Virginia the day we got done with classes, and spent almost my whole break up there, went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum (awesome!) and went to NYC for a weekend. I had to drive back home with my family though and on the way back my uncle’s car broke down 4 times and he was following us so we had to wait so it took us 4 days to drive from northern VA to South Florida..UGH! I am no longer driving with the family places, I will fly and meet them! I spent 2 days at home and caught up with old friends then headed back to Daytona. I picked up my roomie at the airport on Monday and then the boyfriend on Tuesday and we headed into class on Wednesday. I have Flight Phis, Weather 301, Physics 2 and lab, Calculus, and Aviation Legislation. Not the worst schedule possible. We also got a new roomie named Lauren, she’s from Connecticut and she seems really nice, I haven’t gotten to talk much yet. But right now I am headed to watch the Steelers game so GO STEELERS!!! Talk to you all soon.

Check out all the pictures from the Air and Space Museum on my facebook!

December 17, 2008

Hello to you all from Virginia!!!

I hope everyone is having a great break. Well, actually, if you are still in high school I am not sure yours has started yet so I hope you have a good break!!! My last final was on the 9th and I left at 7 am on the 10th. Flew out of Orlando into Baltimore/Washington and its freeeezing here! No snow yet, it is in the 20’s though. I really want snow though! All of my family is coming up next monday (the 22nd) then the day after Christmas I am going to New York for my cousin’s wedding. I love NY I can’t wait! The bad thing is my laptop crashed yesterday 🙁 I don’t know what in the world I am going to do! I did just put like a million pictures up on facebook of the Dulles Air and Space Museum so go check the out!!! There are way to many good ones to choose from so I am taking the easy way out and saying go look at them all!!! The SR-71 was there and the Enola Gay, it was absolutely AMAZING! That’s been all of my excitement so far, I am waiting for all your e-mails and facebook messages! So once again – e-mail me at hunte@erau.edu or find me on fackbook –search Elizabeth Marie!!!

Happy Holidays everyone and to those who share my holiday, Merry Christmas!!!!


December 5, 2008

Hey guys!!! I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty awesome! It was great to get to go home for once!!! A lot of my family was there… 21 people total, all family! My mom and grandma cooked awesome food and we all come back to school with some pretty awesome stories! I am not exactly sure of what I am doing for semester break yet, all I know is its coming up fast!! I need to hit the books like crazy and study for finals now. I got contacted by my first prospective student today via facebook… e-mail me guys I am excited to hear from you all!!!!

If you all like football, a few weekends ago Ohio State made an awesome defeat against Michigan for the 5th year in a row! I am very happy about that!!! Also, the Steelers got a good one on the Patriots this past weekend!! GO STEELERS! One of my roommates cooked some funny smelling rice in my room this afternoon and the smell is still lingering, is even worse that the guys next door grilled hamburgers on the George Foreman grill today and the smells mixed… and because we keep our doors open it smells NASTY in my room. Well, my last final is on Tuesday at 5:00 so until then I am going to be hidden in my room or the Library studying until my eyes fall out of my head!

They have a Christmas tree up in the Village so the picture this time is me and two of my suite mates in front of it!!! It is our “family” picture as we like to call it. Caitlin made it all wintery in Photoshop so enjoy. Contact me guys… I can’t wait to start getting some e-mails!!!! I will post some more over break!

Happy Holidays,