January 26

I hope everyone is surviving the long winter months. Around Daytona, it has, unfortunately, been very cold. Last week we had lows in the twenties and highs in the fifties (even one day in the forties!!!). Some of the citrus farmers are very concerned about their crops around this area as the overnight lows dipped well below freezing. Although the past two weeks were very chilly, the weather made a turn for the better yesterday and today, and it looks as though we will be in the seventies and eighties this week. As I am sure you know by now, the warm weather if more to my liking.

With the better weather came more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. My friends and I made it to the beach to play at our favorite volleyball court again. Every time I go I can’t help but take a ton of pictures, as it is the most beautiful location to play one of my favorite sports. I have also found time to play a lot of tennis recently. Between the warmer weather and the Australian Open on television, I have found myself in the tennis mood. Along with volleyball and tennis, my friends and I also found time to go bowling. We took the drive to Ormond Beach, and had a night of fun. Not only did we enjoy the atmosphere, but I set a personal best score of 174!

Throughout the past two weeks I have been applying for a vacancy on the Student Representative Board of the SGA. I turned in my application and received a call informing me I had earned an interview. Although it was only the first step, I was very excited about earning a chance to promote myself for the position. Yesterday, I completed the interview and felt very positive. Sure enough, last night I got a phone call saying I was one of three finalists. The next step comes Tuesday, when I plead my case to the current SRB and they will decide who to pick. I would really love to get the position, but if it doesn’t pan out, I am honored to make it this far.

I am still feeling very positive about all of my courses. We have taken two quizzes in PS142, and I did well on both of them. The quizzes are not extremely difficult, but do require somewhat of a knowledge of the chapter and discussions. Between my PS142 and WX201 courses, I get to hear both sides of the environmental crisis argument. Professor Eicher (WX201) is very much a doomsayer while Professor Cabiac (PS142) is very much a doom slayer. It is very intriguing to hear the facts on both sides of an issue, and I know their information will not only further my knowledge but increase my awareness on the issue (or non-issue) of global warming.

To end my journal for the week, I wanted to remember to share my first experience at the Daytona Speedway. This Saturday-Sunday was the Rolex 24-hour race here in Daytona Beach. It was so fun to see the die-hard race fans with their amazing traveling RV set-ups. Not only were there bon-fires and flat screen TVs outside the RV’s, but even couches on the roofs. Aside from the crazy (and sometimes quite intoxicated) fans, the race was exciting, and Riddle students got a special price of $15. I included a few pictures, but my pictures can’t even begin to tell the whole story. Please enjoy the pictures and have a great end to the month of January. PLEASE send me an email ( meansm@erau.edu ) or even shoot me a message on facebook. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions. Thanks for reading!

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