January 26

Hello Everyone!!!!
I have been getting at least an e-mail or facebook message a day from my readers, so keep them coming! I hope I am helping all of you out and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

My weekend was pretty unproductive this time around. I have a cold, so I spent most of the day watching T.V. today and this Saturday we switched practice fields for flight team from Flagler to Palatka so I spent all day out there. I love the new airport, everyone is so friendly and it’s very laid back. Saturday was just a very rough day for us because the weather was bad and the 150’s couldn’t land at Palatka until the fog cleared and that wasn’t until almost noon (we had been there since 8 am). I have a full week this week too, practice Monday-Thursday and then again Saturday. Crazy schedule but its worth it =) The weather is going crazy here too, one day it’s freezing the next it’s hot, it is driving me NUTS! The Rolex 24 hour race is going on this weekend too, it has been sooooo loud out there because of all the cars at the track.

There isn’t much else going on, I have a few tests this week and the super bowl is on Sunday, GO STEELERS!!! I added a nice picture for you all to see of the Speedway from one of the team’s 150’s a.k.a Dorothee (named for donor Dorothee Miller). You can also see the Village in the top of the picture. I hope you all have an awesome end to January!!! Keep those e-mails coming guys – I love helping you all out!


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