February 22, 2009

It’s almost March and the semester is already halfway over!! The past two weeks have been pretty hectic with me getting sick and having to keep up with school and ROTC stuff. On February 12th, I had that feeling where I knew I was going to get sick because my whole body just ached and I was really hot feeling. Well, I went to PT Friday morning and felt alright but when I got back to my dorm room I could barely walk around. I recovered somewhat and went to class; I was feeling better around mid-afternoon, so I decided to go to the beach with a friend. Afterwards, I took my temperature and it was around 102°. Needless to say, the rest of the weekend was spent taking it easy and sleeping. I feel 100% better now and I believe that I had just overworked my body which is why I got sick.

My tests went pretty well-Organizational Behavior was an A, Principles of Aeronautical Science, Corporate Finance, and International Business were all three B’s. I was pretty happy overall and I think I’m going to do well in my classes this semester. Currently, I am working on my Business Law midterm which is a take-home exam. Sometimes take-home’s are a lot harder than in-class tests because the teachers expect you to put in twice the amount of time and effort. I still need to start on my Business Law paper but with all my other classes it has been pushed to the back of my to-do list.

This weekend was Project Charity House. Project Charity House is where you build a house out of cardboard boxes and then you sleep in it overnight. Silver Wings built the wad of money from the Geico commercial-I posted pictures on my website. I didn’t sleep outside overnight because it was pretty chilly and I didn’t want to get sick all over again. Throughout the night the participants also play games and in the end the points are added up and a winner is chosen. Silver Wings took home second-place this year!

AFROTC has been keeping me extremely busy because this past week and this week I have had a position. I have been in charge of making sure my flight knows their knowledge for the week as the Flight Academics Officer. Every two weeks the jobs rotate among the cadets and some weeks you’ll end up not having a position. Last week was Big Week, which is when all the cadets who are graduating in a year and want to be pilots find out whether or not the Air Force is going to let them fly. A lot of my friends got good news and are going to be pilots! I was really happy for them! Cadets also find out navigator and combat systems officer positions during that week which is why it’s titled Big Week. Operations Bottom Up (OBU) Week is coming up and that is where my class takes over the entire wing and we run everything from Lead Lab to PT that week. I’m looking forward to it and I have to submit an application packet this week in order to receive a position. Also, this week is the PFA and I’m hoping for some warm weather because it helps my run time!

This weekend, I went and saw the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. I thought the movie was really good and I would definitely go see it again. This coming weekend I am going to go out of town since I didn’t get to go last weekend; I’m looking forward to that! Well, I need to get to some homework because the mountain seems to be growing. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. If you are thinking about coming to Embry-Riddle and are having a hard time making a decision, send me an e-mail and I can answer your questions.

Until next time,

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