March 8, 2009

Warm weather and sunny skies are what I’m hoping for this coming week. My sister arrives on Thursday and some friends and I are driving to Orlando to pick her up. I can’t wait for her to be here!! My friends and I have made an itinerary of all the things we are going to do while she is here. I’ll make sure to post pictures of all the fun we have!

ROTC has been keeping me even busier because of Operation Bottoms Up (OBU) Week. OBU Week is a week where the 200s take over the wing and plan and execute everything for that week. To be on Wing Staff, you must submit an application packet and go to wing boards—basically an interview by upperclassmen. I submitted an application packet because I thought it would be good leadership experience and the whole packet took me about five hours to complete. The next day they said the boards would be held on Friday. When I found that out, I was torn between a rock and a hard place because I could either stay in Daytona, participate in the boards, or I could go to Georgia with my best friend to see his family. I thought about my decision and decided to go to Georgia. I don’t regret my decision and I still got a good position for OBU. I got OSS/CC which is Operations Support Squadron Commander. My primary job is to plan and execute Lead Lab on Wednesday morning. If anything goes wrong that morning, then it will be on me and my staff. I’m looking forward to next week!

At the beginning of last week, I met with my training officer for my mid-term evaluation. I think it went pretty well and I’m so glad that we have made it through the halfway point. I had to pick up more uniform items in preparation for Field Training. I can’t believe how soon it will be here! The training officers had a supplementary instruction session to give tips for Field Training and I learned some interesting things. When you come to college, go to events that you believe you will gain something from and go to some where you don’t think you will because you might be surprised. I went to Patrick Air Force Base and got my military id last week, so now I have proof that I’m part of the Air Force!

Classes are going well, but I’m a little disappointed in myself because I still haven’t started on my Business Law paper. I’m such a procrastinator! This week I plan to set a goal for myself to get all of my research done. I have two tests this week: Corporate Finance and Organizational Behavior. I did some studying over the weekend and I’m going to study tomorrow night, so I think I’ll do well.

Silver Wings is getting ready for a joint meeting with Arnold Air this week. We are going to discuss NATCON and play some games. I bought my ticket for NATCON last week, so I’m officially going to Phoenix in April. This weekend we had a joint road clean-up and then we all went out to lunch afterwards.

Well, I hope everyone is having a good semester at school and are looking forward to Spring Break. If you haven’t already visited Embry-Riddle, now is a good time to come because the weather is beautiful and you can check it out before you make your final decision. Next journal entry, I will cover Daytona Beach and Embry-Riddle from a newcomer’s perspective.

Until next time,

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