April 8th

Hey guys!
Not too much new going on around here. I am sick right now, trying to get better… it’s a bad time to be sick with finals coming up and everything. Let’s see, last week I was elected treasurer of the Flight Team and I am very happy about it. I am in the process of trying to find an apartment with my roommates for next year (my current roommate, Katie and Lauren, a suitemate). Living in the dorms was definitely great for my first year, but I am ready to move off campus. I can’t wait to have a stove, haha.

We are finally getting our new plane (I think) for the flight team, it is a Tecnam!!! http://www.tecnamaircraft.com/P92_Echo_Super.htm

That is the website. You can check it out at, it’s a P92 Echo Super. That’s exciting. That’s all I have right now, sorry it’s so short I really need sleep, and to get better for finals. Send me some e-mails or messages on facebook if you have any questions! Enjoy spring!

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**Age:** 19 **Hometown:** Cape Coral, FL **Career Goals:** To be successful and enjoy life and my job. **Activities:** I am a dancer and will soon be getting involved in activities on campus. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** It was a tough choice between FSU and ERAU because both meteorology programs are great, but I just loved Embry-Riddle!!!

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