September 20, 2009

It’s a weird feeling – the feeling of being at Embry-Riddle for more than a month. As it is now a month into classes, there are plenty of tests and homework assignments that have kept me busy enough to forget about time. The homework load isn’t scary or difficult in any way, however the amount of studying required for classes reached a new level last week.

The first barrage of tests is always the most difficult. Each professor has their own style, and they also have their own ways of making up tests. The first test generally gives you a rough idea of the future format of forthcoming tests. Since I did not have the slightest clue as to how difficult my tests would be, I’ve put a lot of effort into studying (at least 3 hours each).

With a good amount of time invested into studying each week, the weekends come quickly. There are always great things to do on and off campus. This past weekend, I went to Embry-Riddle’s observatory for quick glimpse at the stars. Nearly a dozen telescopes were set up, each with a different star in focus.

Embry-Riddle’s student government run Touch-N-Go Productions always has something planned for the weekend. Aside from movies during the week, there are events, such as this past weekend’s Friday Night Laughs (comedy). Events like these allow you to hang out with friends, and make new ones.

Trip to Yelvington Aviation with CEO club.

I’d like to touch on my experience with the college of business this past month. Wow! And I mean it. Every Embry-Riddle business student is enrolled in “intro to business programs,” an advisor-run class that helps you with the in-and-outs of campus and the business school. We spent the first two weeks getting to know classmates, exchanging phone numbers, and genuinely discussing what each of us are passionate about. This past week we created our four year plan, which maps out the classes we’ll be taking to earn our degree. 120 credits seem like a lot to get through, but I’m excited to take most of the classes I’ve chosen. I’ve officially declared my major, air transportation, and will likely minor in communications.

As for clubs, I’ve joined a few. I plan on being active in Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (C.E.O), as everyone involved is interested in starting businesses with a focus on new and innovative ideas. I also plan on joining the Airport Management Club, which has yet to have their first meeting. On the topic of clubs, I’ve attended a number of club meetings and events, yet sometimes there are clubs that you know you will not fit in with, or you just won’t like – that’s why there are roughly 150 clubs. There really is something for everyone; if not, start one!

With weekly club meetings, studying, sleeping and time spent hanging out with friends, the weeks go by quickly.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back in a week or two.

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