October 15, 2009

It’s fall break! I believe this is the first time Embry-Riddle has had a fall break, which makes it a convenient time to come home. I left on Thursday night and will be coming home on Monday, allowing me to spend time with my family and friends. They’ve split up the calendar quite nicely, as I’ll get to come back home in another six weeks for Thanksgiving, and it will be winter break three weeks following.

These past two weeks were so much fun, but also filled with studying. Last weekend, I went with nine friends to St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city. We rented an Embry-Riddle plane, and met up with the guys in the other two aircraft at St. Augustine airport. The FBO, Galaxy Aviation, was kind enough to drive us to downtown St. Augustine, where we ate and toured historical sites (like the fort). At Embry-Riddle, there certainly isn’t a shortage of pilots with their license, and it’s easy to escape to a different city each weekend.

As for classes, I had quite a few tests and quizzes. The weekdays fly by, and the long nights of studying always pay off. Usually, I spend time at Starbucks, located in the Jack R. Hunt Memorial Library building, and get in an hour or two of studying before the test. At Embry-Riddle, it’s easy to find a common time to meet with professors and go-over material. This past week, I met with my principles of management professor, and she answered all the questions I had about the topic.

Flying home was a treat too. Daytona Beach International Airport is walking-distance away from the university, however I recommend getting a ride from a friend to the main terminal. While waiting for my flight to leave, I spotted the Dean of Aviation, Dr. Tim Brady, who I spoke with prior to boarding. Dr. Brady was very nice to talk to, and we spoke about the buildings in-progress and the Diamond Twin-Star (DA42).

It’s good to be home in Pennsylvania, but I look forward to returning to the warm weather in Florida.

I’ll have another post up in two weeks.

Until then,


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