November 2009

It’s officially been two weeks since I returned from fall break! So far school’s been pretty much the same. I took three tests since I’ve been back. One in Private Pilot Operations (AS 121) which I got a 90% on. I’ve already taken Private Ground course when I was doing my flight training back at Caldwell, so that course is mostly a review for me. I took a test in Instrument Pilot Operations (AS 221), which was on reading IFR charts and approach plates, of which I got a 93%. I also took a test in Math (MA112), which required me to spend a little more time studying, due to my lack of understanding the course material. However, I felt that the test was fair-to-easy, so I’m hoping I did well on it. I also have an upcoming research project for Aeronautical Science Success on the Honors Program here at Embry-Riddle. So to tie it all together, it was just an average two weeks of college. However, a lot of events are coming up for Homecoming Week, which I’m excited for because it’s my freshman year. What I find interesting about it is that we don’t have a football team.

As far as flight is concerned, I flew twice (Oct 21st & 23rd) on the week that I returned to campus from Fall Break. Surprisingly after that, I did not have flight for ten days. This is because my flight instructor was moved from the morning shift to the evening shift and with my classes being in the evening, I was unable to receive a flight block with him. But finally, I was paired with an instructor who is more than familiar with my situation, as he himself came to ERAU with only flight hours and finished up his license in just about the same amount of hours as I. Having to transition to a new instructor so late in the game is a little odd I think, but I’ve been credited two flights and an oral, as a result. It seems that my new instructor and I get along great and think alike as well. I’m hoping all goes well from this point on, I know this private pilot’s license is just being dragged out beyond belief, but I’m keeping a positive outlook about it and am using it all as a learning experience.

My message to all you prospective students is to take a flight to two while back home at your local airport to see if you like flying and if you wish to pursue it. Then come to Embry-Riddle and learn how to fly correctly the first time around. There are flight schools out there that have very good programs, I myself went to a school with a very good program. However, ERAU likes to take what is required and bump it up a notch or two. In the long-run, you will be able to complete your training in less time, and be a much more precise and safer pilot in the end.

AlanOutside of school, I went to a Volvospeed Car Meet at IKEA of Orlando on November 1st with a friend of mine from here. At the meet were of course Volvos and also there were some VWs, Mercs, BMWs and even a Citroen. I had a lot of fun checking out the cars and I even won a raffle prize of leather conditioner/cleaner. Since the meet was held at an IKEA we all had lunch there and I also got to do some shopping for the dorm. Both IKEA and Bed, Bath & Beyond are the two stores I swear by and I highly recommend them both for almost all your college dorm needs.

Over and Out.

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**Minors:** Business Administration and Air Traffic Control **Hometown:** Greater New York City Area, NY **Career Goals:** To fly airplanes and prepare myself for an airline career. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** The amount of opportunities available to students and the quality of instruction provided. **Activities:** Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Orientation Team, Student Alumni Association, Flight Professional Conduct Board, Airline Career Education Club, The Avion Newspaper

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