November 2009

Hello again! Usually the posted highlights of my time spent at Embry-Riddle come from the weekends, but this time it comes from a weekday event. This past week, I went on a tour of Daytona Beach International Airport with the Airport Management Club. We had the opportunity to speak with airport operations workers, who administered the tour. I feel like I have a new perspective of how intricate and detailed running an airport can be.

First, we toured the terminal. Everywhere we went, there was something new to learn. Justin, who worked at airport operations, explained the procedures for painting the terminal ramp, as well as the runways. Additionally, jet bridges (or Jetways) are extended to their full length to allow the jet bridges to ventilate and dry out. In Florida, as I’ve quickly learned from observing the chain on my bike, everything rusts.

We drove around the perimeter of the airport, carefully watching the swamps and water runoffs, as these areas are prone to wildlife. The airport operations workers cautiously moved a snapper turtle, from the road to the runoff, with nothing but their arm strength and a shovel. I never thought about wildlife’s role on airports, or how airports control them.

Further down the road led us to the airport firehouse, where we got a demonstration of their newest truck, capable of holding 330 thousand gallons of water (if I recall correctly). It’s amazing how fast these trucks move, considering their weight. Following the demonstration, we thanked the airport operations guys, and headed back to Embry-Riddle.

Every week, there are exciting opportunities here. I look forward to the career expo, which is November 4-5. I’ve been told that there are countless networking opportunities, and I’m hoping to take advantage of the opportunity. For my introduction to business programs class, we had to create résumés and cover letters to prepare for the event.

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