January 2010

What a busy first two weeks! I returned back to Embry-Riddle on January 12, and classes began the next morning. As I’ve written in past posts, this semester will be a challenge, as I am taking on six classes (18 credits). Only one of these classes, advanced computer systems, is business-major specific. The good part is, every class counts towards the degree.

From my experiences in studying and working within the business environment, it is imperative to have strong communication skills. The business administration degree requires students to take a humanities course, as well as a variety of communication courses. From my experiences so far, I’m leaning towards a minor in communication.

Last semester, and throughout winter break, I developed an interest in airline revenue management; a fancy name for ticket pricing. Selling seats, at different prices, to ensure maximum profit and a full plane sounds like a giant puzzle – the same goes for other interests of mine, like flight scheduling, or aircraft sales. The aviation industry is a multi-faceted, complex industry, faced with a variety of ever-changing external and internal factors – making it challenge; one of the reasons I’m fascinated and intrigued by it.

While the homework load is still fairly light, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time reading and blogging. Additionally, I drove around Daytona with a friend – just to explore and get-to-know the area better. I’m taking advantage while I can, since school will soon retake part of my weekend and life.

Last blog post I mentioned Florida’s frigid temperatures during winter break. Upon returning, temperatures began to rise (as they should) – it was 80 degrees F here at one point! It’s strange driving with the windows open in January, but I like it.

Lastly, I do not believe I have ever shared photos of my room. I live in the student village, commonly referred to as “the village,” at Adams hall. Here are a few pictures.

Until later,

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