January 25, 2010

Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my! This past weekend I went to the Jacksonville Zoo with some of my friends and we saw lots of animals. I hadn’t been to a zoo for awhile, so I was excited to see some animals and leave Daytona for the day. The zoo was surprisingly large and was divided into sections—South America, Africa, and Asia. I got to see a giraffe up close and watch them being fed; they sure have long tongues. There were plenty of birds at the zoo! You could walk into a caged area and they would fly around you or land on your shoulder. I enjoyed the trip and seeing all the animals!

We are heading into the third week of school and I think I have gotten back into the groove of going to school, work, and studying. My classes are going well and I think it’s going to be a good semester. For undergrad classes, I have Airline Management, Social Responsibility and Ethics, and an Air Force class. Airline Management is going to be interesting, I think, because we get to learn about how the airlines make their schedules. We are still going over an introduction to the material, so we haven’t covered a specific topic in-depth, yet. In my Ethics class, we have to come up with a sustainability project that will have an impact on Embry-Riddle and my group is considering something to do with paper consumption. My two graduate classes are: Aviation Law and Insurance and Global Information and Technology. The Aviation Law and Insurance class is like the insurance class I took last semester, but I’m enjoying it more so this time. The class is divided into parts and we cover insurance with one professor in the beginning and then we cover law with another professor. I’m looking forward to the law part! Global Information and Technology is going to be the harder one of the two because technology confuses me most of the time. I had a similar class my sophomore year; however, I’m hoping that this time the material will be more understandable with a different book and professor. All in all, I’m enjoying each class and hope that this semester I won’t procrastinate so much (this always seems to be my goal)!

The weather has been up and down for the past week. Most days, the sun comes out and we have blue skies. However, we did have a big storm roll through the area and it brought a cold front along, which caused tornado warnings. I looked out my window and the rain was just pouring from the sky—thank goodness it didn’t last for too long! The other day it was warm enough for shorts and the next day I needed a sweatshirt…I hope it decides to get warm soon and just stay warm! My favorite place to go study when it is warm and sunny is the dock my apartment has over the lake. The view of the water just makes it feel so peaceful.

Daytona is starting to gear up for all the races at the racetrack and every time I turn on the radio I hear about a chance to win tickets to one race or another. I can’t get over how many people come to the area to watch the races! I’ve heard the airport has begun having meetings to discuss how they are going to deal with the increase in traffic. It’s interesting to see how businesses prepare for the influx of customers and it makes you realize how volatile the tourist industry is from year to year. I’m looking forward to the Daytona 500 because Tim McGraw is performing! Maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to work the infield and get to catch a glimpse of him. Well, time to go study and I think I’ll head out to the dock!

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