January 2010

This weekend was quite unusual and entertaining… I was amongst several students chosen to participate in Embry-Riddle’s Emerging Leaders Program. All of us were elected by our engineering professors to take part in the event. The retreat allowed for us to learn the variety of roles and responsibilities a leader possesses and explore the different behavioral relationships and styles from which leadership derives. Aside from leadership, we also defined our current goals and dreams along with solutions to the obstacles that we were likely to face.

I think I learned more about myself this week than I have since my freshmen year at RIT. I guess it is events like these that allow for self-reflection where normally you do not get asked such questions pertaining to your life dreams. It is interesting to share your thoughts with people and then realize how many similarities you share with one another. I can recall being at RIT, always talking about outer space and no one really acknowledged any remarks. But here at ERAU, I am surrounded by it and it sure is a fascinating feeling. I’m not quite sure how to put it into words. I am always imagining that ultimate day, the day when I am on the wings of a legacy heading towards the heavens. And now I start to think how fortunate I would be to share in that experience with a few of my colleagues who have the same desires.

Perhaps I’m getting deeper into my emotions than I expected to when I started writing this. Perhaps my mind is trying to simply state that I am in high spirits after a weekend filled with unyielding thoughts. I can recall two year’s back of only dreaming of such adventures. But here I am now actually living it.

Until next time, see you out there!

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**Career Goals:** To establish a career with NASA **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I was recommended by a colleague about Embry-Riddle. He mentioned that the institute has the number one aerospace engineering program in the nation.

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