March 2010

It’s now more than halfway through spring semester and I’m looking forward to next week’s Spring Break (March 15-20). I’ve started practicing approaches using VOR, RNAV/LNAV, GPS, ILS, and Localizer systems. After approaches I get to start working on IFR Cross-Countries. This (unfortunately) reminds me that I need to take my instrument ground written exam. On the days when I’m not flying IFR, I’ve been learning Private Multi in the Turbo Seminole across the field.

The Daytona Bike Week has concluded and the only indication of that is that the noise level has returned back to normal. All these events that Daytona hosts are exciting and fun but if you expected to catch up on your sleep during those days, think again.

I went home this past weekend prior to spring break to see my family. On my return flight (HPN-MCO) we overflew the Ormond Beach VORTAC, which placed us right over Daytona. I was able to snap a photo of ERAU from the air, pretty sweet I’d say. I realized I missed home so much that I’m going back again next weekend for spring break week. I return during the middle of the week so I will still be able to enjoy my days off in Florida too.

The weather has been perfect for flying these past few weeks. Not a cloud in the sky. Great VFR weather! Now that I’ll be flying IFR, I’m hoping for some clouds actually, so I can log actual instrument time in my logbook.

I see that many prospective students have already been emailing me for advice and such. Feel free to ask me a question. I’m more than glad to help.

Over and Out.

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