April 19, 2010

Happiness,…not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour. -Walt Whitman

This is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me to be happy every moment and, while this isn’t always possible, I wish it were. My birthday was this month and I had a great time celebrating and hope that the year to come is just as wonderful as the last. Some reasons to be happy: I picked up my cap and gown, I’m going home for a few days before graduation, and school is almost over! Of course, this month has had its moments that weren’t the greatest, but that just made me realize how great my family is. Going to college over a thousand miles away from home and everyone I knew hasn’t always been easy, but everyone is just a phone call away!

Graduation is fast approaching! I’m happy that I will be able to fulfill another dream of mine when I walk across the stage! Classes are starting the process of winding down, which means projects are coming due and the last test is approaching. I’ve lucked out and for the first semester since I have been at ERAU I don’t have any finals during finals week because they are all taking place the last week of classes. For this reason, I’m able to fly home for two days and then make the road trip back to Florida with my mom and sister. I know that I won’t be home for long but it will be nice to breathe in the Illinois air for a day or two! There is just something special about the smell of corn and soybeans growing in the fields. Most of my projects that are coming due are group projects and the hard part with those is trying to find a time when everyone can meet. Lately, we have decided to do sort of an open house meeting where some people leave early and some come late. It’s hard to keep everyone up to date, but we have found that it’s the only method that will work for now!

This past weekend I attended Air Force Dining Out, which is basically a dinner and the celebration of another year completed. We all get dressed up in our service dress, eat dinner, watch a video of the year in review, have an award presentation, and then the announcement of next semester’s cadet wing leadership positions. I had a good time and enjoyed spending the evening with some of my friends. The rumor was that I along with others would be finding out our AFSCs (Air Force jobs), but it didn’t happen. So, we are now supposed to find out on Monday…guess I’ll just have to be patient and keep waiting, which is easier said than done! Next journal entry, I’ll be able to let you know what job I will be doing in the future.

Try and be happy as many moments as you can each day, I’m trying to be! Remember they say it only takes seventeen muscles to smile, but forty-three to frown. Therefore, everyone should smile because it’s easier than the alternative!

Until next time,


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