July 26, 2010

Hello, and welcome to my… I lost track of what installment this was, but at least you’re here. As expected, I will recap my last two weeks with you so sit back, relax, and well… read my entry!

Just as any other week in my life, as if you expected any different, my schedule has been very busy with “things”! I will attempt to cover them all, but I don’t think I will be able to remember everything. Thankfully, my internship at the Prosecutors Office has kept me extremely busy. I have been able to experience some amazing things and I have to give all the credit to my boss, who is an exceptional person. If it was not for him, I am positive this internship would not be nearly as great. The format for this internship is definitely not typical. Since my boss is so tied into the Law Enforcement community, he has been able to send me out every few days on little assignments.

For instance, I have participated in three ride-alongs with three completely different law enforcement agencies. For those of you who do not know, a ride-along is when you shadow a police officer, by riding with him or her in their car, observing what they do for a shift. These ride-alongs have been invaluable for information and I have really enjoyed every minute I have spent with each officer. My appreciation goes out to each officer who allowed me to be with him or her that day. Although the three ride-alongs were great, the best one of the three was with the New Jersey State Police Marine Bureau.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be a New Jersey State Police Trooper. As with many young boys, they dress up for Halloween as firemen and policemen. For me, every Halloween I was dressed as a policeman. In many cases, many kids grow up and realize they want to be something else. But, for whatever reason with me, I have been unable to shake the desire to be a cop.

That being said, having the privilege of being able to ride with the State Police was one of the greatest opportunities of my life. In addition to the ride-alongs, I have also been sent to a few training classes for law enforcement personnel. These classes include search warrants, emergency management, and gang recognition. These classes have been great for both educational purposes and networking. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for you, I will have to cut this journal entry short, as that I need to get some sleep for my assignment tomorrow, SWAT Training. Stay tuned and check in next week! Until then, stay safe.

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