January 16, 2011

Hello, hello everyone! Hope you had amazing break and are ready to—for most of you—end your senior year. I’m assuming you heard of the snow storm that pounded on most of the East…well let’s just say it had a much larger impact for us Riddlers, so I suppose that’s where I should start. Most of the student body was scheduled to come back either Monday or Tuesday of this week. Needless to say, because of the storm, everyone ended up rescheduling their flights—or just coming in very late into the week! See, only two airlines fly into Daytona (U.S Airways and Delta), and these airplanes only fly into two places (Atlanta and Charlotte). Of course, they just happened to be right in the middle of one of the worst snowstorms ever! My roommate and I, for example, ended up having to fly into MCO (Orlando) after having been diverted countless times. I was one of the lucky few who actually got back to campus on time, however, after having to fly San Francisco-Philadelphia-Orlando! My room mate had to spend the night in Charlotte! It’s insanity at its worst, people. I believe some people are still stuck somewhere…

On the bright side, that news is the worst I can report about my break. Although I didn’t get to see my high school friends like most of the people here, I did get to relax (yes that’s a word us Engineers seldom use…but well deserved indeed!) I knocked down another Disney park off my list—Disneyland in southern California! After a 6-hour drive, I got to experience the original park for a good 2 days before having to head back home (boo!) It was great, to say the least. The holiday decorations were amazing. I’m really starting to consider an internship with them…thoughts? Only the ones in Asia to go!

Besides all that, not much happened. I finally got to see my new house! We bought it way back in June, but because it was still under construction, the construction company gave us the keys in September, when I was already here. My parents did a great job of decorating the whole house! I just wish I could say better about the gloomy/rainy/foggy/COLD weather I experienced in December. On the bright side, I did drive to San Francisco quite a lot! Met some family members there, too. Oh, and I found a new obsession—erasers from Chinatown!

Anywho, back to Riddle. Once all of my friends made it back, we made a few (a lot) of Walmart runs to buy food, since we had to throw it away at the end of last semester. Wednesday was our first day of classes. I’m really liking my new schedule! I don’t start classes until 10:30. For a night owl like me, it’s great. Gives me the whole morning to do homework…erm…I mean review for my tests…

I’m also very glad to only have 5 classes—tech report, which in all honesty I think it’s the class that is going to kill me, physics, math, honors, and a class on CATIA (a graphical communications program). I’m also starting to look into new clubs, or maybe even start one of my own! Disney runs a contest where students create/design a ride, restaurant, etc…The finalists are sent to Disney for 10 days, with a possibility of an internship at Walt Disney Imagineering. It’s called ImagiNations (http://disney.go.com/disneycareers/imaginations/). We’ll see where this takes me.

The very last thing I must mention is my fellow blogger/friend’s new video series, where he will be answering your questions on youtube. Look out for that on his blog! You can also always ask me specific questions too, especially all you females out there! Contact me on my e-mail (adrianaosegueda@hotmail.com or Osegueda@my.erau.edu) or facebook, where you will find all my vacation pictures (facebook.com/itsadri). Look forward to hearing from all of you as you reach the end of your high school years and start deciding on colleges! Best of luck.

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