January 31, 2011

Well we have been back to ERAU for about 3 weeks now but it seems like we’ve been back for a couple months. Classes have continued to be great and flying has really improved. I have yet to solo due to my landings, which tend to be variable. I would have some good landings and some bad. In my most recent flight, however, I seemed to have really improved. Nearly all my landings were awesome! I will be going for my check-ride this Wednesday, hopefully, only if the weather holds up, which it hasn’t been since we have been back. I’ve flown only about 3 or 4 times since being back from break and should have flown at least 9. Supposedly, this is the worst time down here in Daytona Beach when it comes to weather.

We actually experienced our first tornado warning of 2011 the other day. Severe storms rolled across Central Florida and a tornado watch was issued for the county. A tornado warning was then issued for about an hour when a huge line of storms came right across the area. Supposedly, there was a reported funnel cloud about 5-10 minutes away from campus. The campus alarm, called Code Red, was turned on and called everyone who is signed up for the system, which I recommend all you do when you come to campus, and alerted them of the warning. Alarms throughout the campus rang and campus safety sprawled out making sure everyone seek shelter immediately. Of course we still had our blinds open, pointing our cameras out. Heavy rain followed the sky turning an eerie orange color. No damage was reported and – call me crazy – but I love bad weather like that. I love sunshine but every now and then I like a little dramatic change. Speaking of change, I am slightly frustrated with Mother Nature at the moment. As soon as I move to Florida, all the hurricanes disappear and hometown, up north in Maryland, gets hit with numerous winter storms and constant snow.

Anyways, the Rolex 24 race, which is a race where drivers have to endure 24 hours of racing, was this past weekend. Many of my friends said that they couldn’t sleep because of the constant revving of the engines. Thankfully, I was able to. As I mentioned, classes have been going great. My humanities class, I have to watch the pilot episode of LOST for homework, which I never thought I would have to do. The class is called HU145 (Science Fi Heroes and Modern Monsters) and we talk about, not surprisingly, Heroes, Monsters, and Villains.

Aviation Weather (WX301) is going pretty good and so is my Instrument class (AS221). I seem to be really enjoying Flight Physiology (AS357), which is a course required for Aeronautical Science majors, and you are required to be a sophomore to take it. I am a freshman but because of those AP classes I took in High School I am considered a sophomore, so again, I highly recommend taking those upper level college classes in high school if they are offered. In the class you learn about how our body changes and works when we fly. At the moment, we are learning about the anatomy, which you need to know before you learn about how the body changes during flight, so we are learning about the different systems in the body like the digestive and circulatory system. The class also provides an opportunity for you to experience the effects of hypoxia, which is the lack of oxygen in the body, when you go inside a room where instead of actually sucking the oxygen out of the air, they simply replace it with nitrogen, which makes up a majority of the atmosphere anyways.

Before I finish up, I would like to thank everyone who has watched, commented, and subscribed to my youtube channel. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s basically a channel where I answer questions, give tours of dorms/facilities, and do anything that you guys ask. I really enjoy getting feedback from all of you so head over and ask away! http://www.youtube.com/thatriddleguy

Over and out!

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