January 31, 2011

To begin this journal, I will start with a brief story of what the moral of this entry is. I arrived at school shortly before 8 am, tired and warn out from the day before and lacking efficient sleep but regardless ready for the day to begin, but I had checked my schedule for that day and knew I didn’t have class until about 10:30 am. Or, at least I thought I didn’t. I went to the back of the library where the comfy chairs were for students to relax on and set my phone alarm to go off around 9:30 am and closed my eyes feeling the heaviness of my eyes overcome me and fell fast asleep. I awoke at 9:30 and put my phone on snooze and proceeded to sleep until about 10:10 am and headed off to my class. It’s then that I realized I had made a terrible mistake as I looked through the window thinking another class was in session, but seeing as I recognized some of the people as pupils in my class. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I had missed my class a common error by misreading my schedule. I knew showing up to class for the last 30 minutes wouldn’t be the most intelligent thing to do (it was history and I needed notes) so instead I left the class and sat outside the building and waited for the class to let out and had a talk with my teacher. Thankfully she was nice about it and allowed me to go into one of her later classes in order to get the notes and lecture part from her but I did one valuable lesson, which is what I want to share with all of you. Make sure you are reading your schedule correctly. I had one written up that had the classes separated into Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes and then Tuesday and Thursday classes separated from each other so I could tell them apart and avoid incidents like the one I had just experienced.

Once it did happen though I did know I had a good topic for my journal and pass on the advice to all the readers. Upon receiving your schedule from ERAU, write it down somewhere and separate your classes according to days and in order of first to last classes and hopefully you can avoid a situation like mine.

Now I must admit, sometimes mistakes happen and if so don’t be afraid to talk to your professor and explain to them what happen and see if you can sit in on one of their other courses to make up on your missed time, avoiding the teacher really is not your best bet and being honest and upfront with them may give you some leniency in the situation and allow you to make-up any missed assignment in class from that day, and also get a chance to show your teacher the un-intentions of your errors. Emails can also be sent but they can be taken as somewhat impersonal as well, so do take it with caution. I hope from this entry you have learned a lesson from my mistake and try to avoid if possible and if at all cost remember after your first semester you can set up your schedule in a way that is manageable for you and at your own time availabilities (yes including evening classes if you see fit). College is a place with decisions to make and that includes your schedule, so be sure your choice is one you can uphold to and stay committed to.

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**Minor:** Psychology **Career Goals:** I want to start a magazine and photography company but I'm still looking into career goals. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I chose ERAU because I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere. I didn't feel like just another number here and the relationships with faculty and staff were genuinely one-on-one. Anytime I'd meet students they were always warm and inviting. In a way I feel I didn't choose Embry-Riddle but it chose me.

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