April 10, 2011

It’s been another couple of great weeks. The end of the semester is getting closer and closer and we have about 15 days of classes left, and that means we have more and more tests and reviews. I finished my Physics Laboratory, I had to take a final test that was based on all of our labs and we were given data and used certain formulas to get what the answer would be.

Flying is going great and I am only a couple flights away and an oral or two away from my check ride and getting my private pilot license. I can seriously almost taste it. My flight instructor will be leaving within the next week or two to work for ExpressJet. I am so happy for her and was so glad I had her as my instructor for the time I did, and she definitely taught me a lot. I recently had my first night cross-country. I flew to the usual place that people fly on their night flight, KISM or Kissimmee, FL. The route from Daytona takes you right by Disney World and you get to see both Disney and Universal lit up at night and if you’re lucky, you get to see the Fireworks. It was a great flight and due to the Class B airspace, which just means it’s very condensed, busy, and fast moving aircraft, they have to vector or direct you through the airspace. They put us right over Disney and it was a definitely an amazing sight and was one of my favorite flights so far.

I know I’ve talked about it but I love being in driving distance of Orlando. A couple friends and I drove over to Downtown Disney, grabbed dinner, and hopped a ride over to the Disney Resorts, watched the fireworks from the Polynesian Resort and rode the monorail for a bit. It’s awesome to think that people come from all over the world to a place we go just for the night; definitely a thing that should be on your to-do list when you come down. Also coming up is the Accepted Student event here at the Daytona campus. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you prospective students and if you spot me, feel free to run up and say HI! It will be a great feeling knowing that I was your spot a year ago.

Also we recently registered for classes and, since I came in as a sophomore, I got to register a couple days earlier than my friends. I got all my classes that I wanted and will be flying multi-engine this coming fall instead of going on the single engine route. It costs more but I feel that it should be worth it because I get approximately 30 more hours of multi-engine time instead of those who take the single-engine route who receive about 15-20 hours.

In Flight Physiology, we had a guest speaker, Bob Cabana, who is the director of the Kennedy Space Center and a former pilot and astronaut. It was great to hear about his journey and how he got where he is today. He’s done four space shuttle missions and was a naval flight officer for the Marine Corps. He gave us advice and what to do and what not to do in our careers and it really helped put a perspective on things and how our lives should turn out.

Other than that nothing much is going on outside of school. Mainly my life surrounds finishing up my private course and studying for classes and getting homework done. That’s also why there has been a lack of videos on my youtube page, but will hopefully be updating soon. So stay tuned. If you aren’t a part of the 2015 facebook group, I highly recommend it because you’ll get to see names and talk to people you might be sharing a dorm with so get to know people. And I hope you’ve registered for Sneak Preview. Makes you feel a part of the Riddle community already. Till next time!

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**Minor:** Applied Meteorology **Career Goals:** To become a pilot for a major airline, hopefully one day Southwest Airlines. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States when I was six, traveling between the countries I became a frequent flier. Ever since walking into that cockpit when I was 5, I always dreamed about becoming an airline pilot. One day, I searched online for the best school to become a pilot. Result: Embry-Riddle.

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