June 6, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I hope your summers or last month in school are going well. Since I last checked in with you guys I have been on a few trips and have been working a little. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I work in the education department at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center – National Air and Space Museum. During the summer months I’m there every 2nd Saturday for the “Super Science” event that brings in the youth as well as the parents in to the museum to explain and get younger children involved in aerospace and science. I helped with the Cessna 152 activity that gives guests a chance to sit in and manipulate the controls of an aircraft. During a single 6 hour shift I was able to get roughly 1,000 visitors through that cockpit – if you think about it … that would be like all first-year students at Embry-Riddle inside a single airplane in 6hrs.

What else does this month have in store for me? I am planning on a few day trips to the Midwest – Chicago, Columbus OH, Pennsylvania, and possibly Indianapolis. The trips are for various car shows scattered around the country. Next month brings the major event that we have been planning for: the Buick Club of America Nationals is being held in Danvers, MA, just north of Boston. I’ll be making the trip up there for a week and then back to VA for a week before headed to Oshkosh 2011!!!!

I will post another update later this week with a report from Dulles Airport. This coming Monday is a big day for the airport – the Airbus A380 is starting service with Air France. I will post pictures and a brief report on the big day…

Feel free to shoot me an email or add me on Facebook if you have any questions about Riddle or just want to talk.

Talk to you soon!

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**Concentration:** Air Transportation **Minor:** Flight **Career Goals:** Manage a corporate flight department and/or FBO (Fixed Base Operator). Currently operate Dulles Jet Management, Inc. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** Growing up I had been involved in automobiles and aviation. My middle school (7th Grade) history teacher told me about Embry-Riddle… since then I had my sights set. The Daytona campus gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by the two things I love, cars and planes.

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