June 10, 2012

The process of landing an internship always begins with applying! First, you must know how to apply! If you know what companies are looking for in skill, experience, and, competencies; then you will know how to refine your educational experience to gain real results for yourself. Learning how to apply will also help you learn how to present information on a resume and to recruiters at job fairs or conferences. I encourage you to become well acquainted with the application processes of all the company websites you’re interested in. In addition, I encourage you to leverage the resources presented to you at Embry-Riddle; namely, clubs, organizations, alumni networking, and one-on-one time with professors and advisors. College is about taking advantage of opportunities that challenge you to reach your highest potential. Other resources to be aware of are the career services office, career fairs, and student organizationsthat target your interests and individual strengths; and offer alumni interaction.I personally landed my internships by attending career services events that hosted company recruiters in a classroom or venue on campus. Namely, Northrop Grumman and The Boeing Company were who I’ve interacted with thus far. When attending these events, it’s important to ask questions. Ask questions about as much as you can! How often do most students across the country get the opportunity to interact in small group settings with companies that are changing the world? Even if they tell you that there are no opportunities available for your major at the time, stay in the room and learn! Learn about other people, current professional practices, current company projects, and their outlook on the future of the company. Doors will open for you if you take the time to invest in educating yourself wherever you are. It’s also important to follow up with those who took the time to teach you. Sending them a quick thank you email, card, or phone call is also a way to make a lasting impression.




Summer 2012 Job Description: Under the guidance of management and experienced analysts, I create work products in the Boeing IT Application Development and Sustaining Process. These work products are used to develop scripts and configure tools to monitor availability and reliability of applications critical to Boeing Business. They are also used to monitor the success of jobs critical to the delivery of Boeing airplanes. In short, I aid in the monitoring of Boeing critical application availability and 787 Bill of Material Certification job processing for Entry into Service.

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About Amy

**Area of Concentration:** Systems Engineering and Psychology **Hometown:** Canastota, New York **Career Goals:** I plan on graduating from Embry-Riddle with a Master’s Degree in Human Factors Systems. Boeing has a Learning Together program that pays for employees’ additional education if it will benefit the company. Therefore, I will work for Boeing and later get a Ph.D. to both advance my skills and improve company performance. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** As a high school student, I strongly believed that education would be an investment in myself. When making any investment, it’s important to know the facts surrounding your decisions. Embry-Riddle is located on the space coast, specializes in aerospace careers, and has an amazing reputation with alumni support! This is why I was more than willing to launch my educational experiences as an Embry-Riddle Eagle! **Activities:** Orientation Team, Women’s Ambassador Program, Student Alumni Association, Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity, McNair Scholar, First Generation, Volunteer Network, Student Government Association, and Sailing Club

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