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So as of now, I’m well into my internship. I’ve done so much already it’s hard to believe I’ve only been there just a few weeks. The first day, I made Facebook post the entire day. I couldn’t believe it. It was fun and enjoyable, I just couldn’t believe that was my job for the day.

A few week ago, Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS) went to GARMIN for a health fair to promote healthy communities. Believe it or not, it was only my 3rd day on the job and I was already answering people’s questions on “What is Special Olympics?”. I was in shock! So that day I got to get out the office and spend a few hours at a booth, promoting SOKS Midnight Run, and other healthy living choices.


Since the Special Olympics Summer Games is coming up on June 6th, every one is kicking things into gear. My highlight of the preparation was being able to write the opening ceremony script for the CEO of Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS). I wrote the scripts for the “Hall of Fame” winners and the “Make A Difference” awards. I even got to do a phone interview for one of the winners. It felt soooo good being able to do that. The CEO even took a look at my script & most of his changes were how we would say things. The Summer Games will be in Wichita, Kansas this year and I’m really pretty excited because I want to see Cessna stadium & all the Cessna stuff down there.

A couple of other duties have been: reaching out to athletic companies to advertise events, press releases, opening ceremonies scripts, and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff. I’m just glad that my boss is giving me REAL work to do that actually means something, and not something just to keep me busy. On top of all that, I still have time to watch Netflix when I’m not writing up press releases or doing social media posts.

I’m really pumped up for this internship and still can’t believe it… Until next time 🙂

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