Countdown to Fall Break & Rainbows and Rain

Let the Countdown for Fall Break begin! T-6 days and counting!

Hello hello! It’s Friday! Finally! Last day of the school week and it has been a crazy one! This week was “career week.” With companies coming and doing presentations every day, career services checking resumes, and the career expo, ERAU has never looked so good!


Today Operation Bootstrap 2.0 takes place at 4:00p. Lucky for you if you have classes past 3:00p, you don’t have them today! After 3:00p, the focus turns to Operation Bootstrap 2.0. (In my case, this is when you wish you had classes after 3:00p. All of mine and at 1:50p.) When I was walking on campus this morning, its was all hustle and bustle even at 8:00a. Tents are being put up, entertainment is being put out, and everyone is hard at work! There is even a white picket fense in the front ‘yard’ of COAS. That is something you don’t see everyday! 😛

Between classes and activities, this is our last full week before fall break, and yes I am excited! It is about time for a break from straight school! From our last break (Labor Day) to Fall Break is the longest time span with no days off; and let me tell you it has gone fast! Next week, the last day of classes is Wednesday. I cannot wait! I think it’s about time for us kiddos to have a break. Within the past few weeks it seems like everyone is giving exams, papers, and final projects. It has been non-stop. A break will surely be nice!

If you are looking for things to do during fall break, there is a lot you can do! Here on campus you can buy discounted tickets to Disney, Universal, Daytona Lagoon, and my personal favorite, Kennedy Space Center! Thanks Riddle! Be safe this break, but have fun!

Rainbows and Rain

Rainbow1The weather has been super nice this past week! Cooler weather and somewhat clear skies. It has rained practically every other day. If you haven’t seen the rainbows yet, you are missing out! There have been at least two rainbows alone this week! I have seen then from the 4th floor of the COAS and even snapped some pictures.

There is supposed to be another coldRainbow2 front coming in this weekend so more cool weather hitting campus soon! I will be sure to snap pictures if any other rainbows decide to show their face!

For you Riddle kids: make sure you have your umbrellas handy at all times! Prepare for wet shoes and cool weather to follow! Have fun at Operation Bootstrap 2.0 today!

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