Traveling the U.S. with ERAU

Hello, again! It has been a few weeks since I have written about my life, but that is mostly because my life has been so insanely busy lately! Between midterm tests, activities, and meetings, I have had hardly any time to myself. However, it is time that I fill everyone in on what I have been up to.

The most exciting thing that has happened in my life, since my last writing, is that I was able to travel to Dallas, TX and Boston, MA with ERAU Admissions. As you may know, I am a part of the Women’s Ambassador Program, which is a group of current female students at ERAU, who work to promote women in STEM careers. We are able to travel with Admissions to the Embry-Riddle Prospective Student Presentations, to talk about our experiences at ERAU Daytona Beach.

We left on a Friday afternoon for Dallas, TX. I got on the plane in Daytona excited for a weekend filled with travel. After a couple flights, we finally made it to Dallas. We stayed at the largest hotel I have ever been to in my life, the Gaylord Texan. It was like its own city! Words and pictures do not even describe the atmosphere inside that hotel. Once we dropped off our stuff in our rooms, we were able to meet up with other ERAU Admissions Counselors and go for dinner at an amazing Tex-Mex place! Seriously, Tex-Mex is incredible. I was also able to catch a glimpse of a beautiful, red Texas sunset, which was the perfect end to the night.

The exterior of the Gaylord Texan. It's huge!

The exterior of the Gaylord Texan. It’s huge!

A picture of the interior of the hotel. There was a river through the middle!

A picture of the interior of the hotel. There was a river through the middle!

The next day, we hosted the Prospective Students Event at the hotel. We had a great turn out, and I was thrilled to be able to speak at my first event. I spoke about my experiences as an intern at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle. I was also able to talk about fun things to do around Daytona Beach. I absolutely loved getting to speak to high school students about why they want to attend ERAU, and why they love the degree they are going to pursue. I saw so much passion and potential in those students, it reignited my love of Embry-Riddle. All in all, the event went smoothly. But, we had a plane to catch, so we had to run from the event to the airport. Thankfully we made it with plenty of time to grab a bite to eat! Next stop, Boston, Massachusetts!

After a long evening of travel, we made it to Boston just after midnight. To our surprise, we stepped out of the airport, and we were freezing! It was only about 55 degrees, however, we are used to the Florida sunshine! Once we got into our warm hotel rooms, it was time for bed so we could prepare for an early morning.

In the morning, we woke up and headed downtown to where the event was taking place. We got to the hotel, set up, grabbed a coffee, and set out to tour around Boston as much as we could. We decided to walk up to Paul Revere’s house, since it was so close. Word of advice to the ladies: DO NOT wear heels walking around the streets of Boston. Cobblestone roads and sidewalks to not pair well with heels. Once we took a few pictures of the house, we walked down the street to Modern Pastry, which is apparently a very popular pastry shop. Of course, since it was my first time in Boston, I had to get a cannoli. It was delicious! I’m craving another one just thinking about it.

The street that Paul Revere lived on. The brown house is his!

The street that Paul Revere lived on. The brown house is his!

Delicious treats at Modern Pastry

Delicious treats at Modern Pastry

The event in Boston was another successful one, although, I had a flight to catch, so I had to leave quickly. Leaving the city, I realized that it was nice to experience fall in New England, that I miss crisp, cool air, and that Boston is an incredible city. I am so lucky that I get to travel back to Boston next weekend!

Myself in the streets of Boston

Myself in the streets of Boston before the event

After a long night of flying, once again, I finally made it back to good ole’ Daytona Beach. It is always nice to get away for a weekend, and I realized it was just what I needed. I am continuously blessed with the opportunities I have at ERAU, and I cannot wait to see what other opportunities will arise over the rest of the semester.

Happy travels, and until next time,


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