What Are You Thankful For?

Hello everyone! It’s that time…it is the day before Thanksgiving break! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited! I really need this break.

It has been a crazy week full of tests, quizzes, and final assignments. It seems like everyone is trying to cram everything in before the Thanksgiving break. Luckily for me, a lot of my classes have wrapped up yesterday or today. This allows for a good two weeks of doing nothing but studying for my Calculus final and my final tests/essays for my classes. It worked out perfectly!

Everything has been coming along really well! However, I know I am not the only one begging for this break to come. This semester has been a long one for all of us. It is well needed.

Over this thanksgiving break I am hoping to see my family. Josh and I are having a BBQ tonight with a few friends as a goodbye before break. It will be a nice way to start the celebration. All us Riddle kids have worked our butts off. It is not easy going to college here. It is demanding and you have to put a lot of hard work in. But it is so worth it. I really enjoy going to school. Butttttttttttttt it is time for a break! Haha.

Since we are going on Thanksgiving break, I am going to take a second to reflect back and say what I am thankful for.

Over the past few years, my life has been a crazy rollercoaster. The big crazy rollercoaster has led me to what I am thankful for and it has made me who I am today. For starters, I have a HUGE family. Four sisters and one brother on each of my parents’ side. Unfortunately, I don’t talk to my dad’s side of the family anymore. Due to certain circumstances let’s just say they did some things to try and tear my family apart but it didn’t work. My parents, my sister and I are stronger than ever!

3 and a half years ago, my mom had brain surgery. Turns out she had an aneurysm behind her right eye on her optic nerve. Yeah, it sounds crazy. It was. It was scary seeing my mom with her head cut open and seeing her in pain was probably one of the worst thing I have ever been through. However, all my experiences, good or bad, have made me a stronger person and have made me the person I am today.

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my life, and my future. I am very hopeful to see what the future holds and I am hopeful this will be an amazing Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to hug your loved ones and be grateful for everything you have.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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