Third Semester Complete

It’s hard to believe that the Fall 2015 semester is officially over; it feels like it was just yesterday that I was moving into my apartment and starting classes, and I have been told that it only goes by faster from here.

Now when one usually thinks about the end of the semester, finals are usually one of the first things that come to mind; I remember being quite nervous when exam time approached, but in the end, college final exams did not seem as daunting as television shows or movies make them seen. In my economics class, the questions seemed a bit easier than our regular tests as well as most of my statistics test, and the regular tests I took were fairly easy as I knew what to expect as both professors provided great reviews on what we should focus on when we study.

It is worthwhile to note that the way final exams work depends on the professor. This semester, I had five finals; my statistics and economics were cumulative while my speech final was an impromptu speech, and the other two were just regular tests. If all of my exams were cumulative, studying would have been a bit more challenging. Although, there are some cases where professors will not give any sort of exams, but this does not seem to occur regularly.

Since the semester is over, I sort of don’t know what to do as I have lots of free time. Although, I will be working in the Career Services office until the end of the week, and it’ll be nice to return home for a few weeks.

Happy Holidays,


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