Everyone has those days and makes mistakes

The best way to sum up this week so far is that it’s ok for an intern to make mistakes. It’s been one bumpy week and it’s not even Friday yet.

Let me give you a quick recap (and when I mean I quick I mean it; not a whole lot of time to write this week!):

Monday – not too bad of a day for a Monday. Slow morning, slow to get in the groove of the day, but worth while. Knocked out some work that needed to be completed and got it out prior to its deadline.

Tuesday – Rough morning. Woke up to a cockroach lollygagging across my bedroom carpet. That’s the third one I’ve found in a week. Just what I need at 0530. What a warm, southern welcome from nature. Spent 3 hours working on a project, only for its priority to change. Rather than being due in 4 weeks, it’s due in 2. Not that big of a deal, but I came to learn that I had to re-do the work I’d already done because of a detailed wording change. No biggie, but I had to re-do my work…

Wednesday – Focused in really deeply on working on that project due in 2 weeks. So much so that I missed a department meeting. Once I had realized what time it was, no one was in the office except for me and I had no way of getting to the meeting room because of my limited access. I tried to reach other people in the meeting, but because they were all in the meeting, I couldn’t reach them. So I took one for the team and kept on working.

Thursday – We’ll see what happens; something is bound to happen!

If there’s anything I’ve learned this week, it’s that the perfect time to make mistakes is when you’re an intern. It’s perfectly fine to make mistakes as an intern; you’re not supposed to have perfect work. Sure my ego is a little shot for having missed the meeting and screwing up the work, but now I know not to make that mistake again. Hopefully the rest of this week will go a little more smoothly than the beginning.

I guess here’s to making more mistakes and making better impressions!

Stay busy this week and enjoy the beautiful weather! I have an exciting weekend planned; stay tuned to hear about the adventures!

Blue skies,


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