Want to be a part of the Eagles Flight Team?

Hello again, readers!

This one is going to be brief and a PSA for the Eagles Flight Team!

Everyone close to me knows that I am a huge fan and dedicated member of the Eagles Flight Team. I have been living and breathing Flight Team since my first day here at ERAU. Now granted, you don’t have to be as absorbed into the team as I am, but I have so much to tell you about it.

I’ve mentioned before what the different events are in a previous post. So this post is dedicated to pictures and teaching you about the benefits of being on the team!

The people you meet on the team become your family. You travel around the country together, you encourage each other on flights, you compete with and against each other. You get to represent ERAU on a Regional and National level (polo shirts and awesome jackets included!). I have friends all over the country from countless schools with so many experiences.

On the team, after your first semester, based upon your ground event performance, you can gain flight privileges. Flying for the team is free, but you have to be sure to show dedication to the team and meet a certain level of standards in your ground events. We don’t do flight training on the team (you’ll have to do your flight training at ERAU or another flight school). In order to fly, you’d also need at least a private pilot certificate. We fly Cessna 150s for precision landings and Cessna 172s for navigation.

Our Saturday practice is from 0700 to about 1400 (I know, 0700 is tough for college students), but it’s truly my favorite part of the week! It’s our landings practice and we get to sit right by the runway and watch planes land all day. I absolutely love it!

If you’re interested in joining the flight team or would like more information, come out to the IC Auditorium on September 7 and September 8 at 7pm for our Mass Briefings! There’s lots more to learn and awesome videos to see!

Check us out on Facebook at Eagles Flight Team or on our website at eaglesflightteam.com

Below are some pictures of the planes and our team!

Until next time, blue skies!


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