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I have been extremely busy these past few weeks. I finished my internship, went home for a small vacation, drove back to Florida, and started school. I have a few key pointers that may seem obvious, but I feel should be restated. First, make sure to leave your internship on a positive note. Finish up any work you started and/or make sure to leave a copy of your notes, drafts, and work for coworkers. Although it is old fashioned, a hand written thank you note was also suggested. I sent my letter last week. Don’t feel intimidated. It’s not like it’s a personal letter to your grandma. Merely take the time to thank your coworkers and supervisors for x,y,z. My letter thanked everyone for their patience and guidance. I also included everyone’s name and a short sentence or two about a memory/particular thing I was thankful for. I genuinely enjoy writing letters. It’s important to leave a positive impact on wherever your internship was.

My “vacation” at home included completing a lot of chores. I went to the car shop three times in one week. I went to the DMV and dentist, which was not fun. I highly recommend that you make sure you visit your dentist, doctor, and any other locations that require you to be in your home state (aka DMV). There is always the option of going to the on-campus Health Services, but I find it easiest to schedule the doctor and dentist appointments in my hometown. Plus, when you are at home, you will be able to get the help from your parents. When I go to the dentist down in Florida, I will need to find a dentist, set up an appointment, make sure they take my insurance, and likely give them all my information from scratch.

A couple days before school started, I went to Target and saw many Embry-Riddle students. I walked by an aisle, and saw a mother excitedly telling her daughter to sit in a fluffy bean bag chair. For a split-second, I made eye contact with the daughter and she looked embarrassed. I remember the same feeling, but for all you incoming freshman, please let your parents spoil you and express their love for you, before they leave you for the semester. Additionally, I want to warn you of overbuying items that make clutter your dorm room. Make sure to start off with small purchases and slowly, gradually, add to your room. The worst thing is buying so many accessories and then not having any space for it. I also recommend buying a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit cups, soup, mac and cheese cups, and a reusable water bottle. For one thing, it can be a hard adjustment when you must pick your meals for yourself. During my freshman year, I ate so many fried foods and dairy that my stomach was upset for most of the semester. If your parents offered to buy you anything, I would recommend asking for gift cards to your favorite restaurants or shops because you may not know what you need now, but later in the semester it will be great to have a gift card.

This has been a great experience blogging, but I am signing off for now. Good luck with studies, be safe, and try new things!

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