Fall Semester Game Plan and Astro Skye Update

Alright, I can officially say that this semester is in FULL swing. I have dug my feet in the sand and stood my ground. There are quite a few waves trying to knock me down but I am managing. The first few weeks at my other job as a Flight Dispatcher at Flight Ops have been awesome! The job is very fast paced and nothing less than exciting. My classes are going well, managing straight A’s right now and hoping to keep it that way, but my first set of exams start next week so I might not get as much sleep as I hope! That’s the risk of being a college student am I right?! The good news is that I did have time to celebrate the new semester and I headed out to Caribbean Jacks here in Daytona Beach, FL. Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pasta, SOOO GOOD. I have always had that every time I go there.  The atmosphere is great and you can’t beat the view if you eat outside. They even have these rocking tables. They are sure to keep you quite entertained during your meal, and of course, I was in great company as well!

For the extra-curricular line-up this semester I am keeping it light. I have learned in the past that you can EASILY become overwhelmed with all of the clubs and activities on campus. With my job at flight ops and blogging, I am maxed out on working hours so I am limited. However, I have made room for one exciting new club: Med Club! This Sunday I start my training for my Certified First Responder (CFR) rating. The training runs about a month and a half or so training every Sunday from 1000-1400. It is a full-on course, syllabus and all. Yes, it does add the course load but I have been pretty good with keeping up with everything so far.

Now for those of you who followed me a couple years ago, you are probably wondering what happened to Astro Skye. Well, she is still here and doing better than ever! Not only have I been updating my website but I now have an Astro Skye Mentorship Program (ASMP). I currently have accepted three mentees and are working with them very closely. ASMP is my baby and I am happy to see where it goes!

As for the summer, I did present at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center once again every Friday for about a month. It was very fast-paced presenting five presentations each time, but I definitely enjoyed it. Once it stopped, it was weird not going to KSC every Friday!

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