Why I Chose Embry-Riddle

I’m not your typical Embry-Riddle student, but because my step-dad works at the school it was on our list. Quite frankly, it was because of this circumstance that I had no intention of even considering it. I was looking at art schools to pursue a business career in the arts. For some time, I didn’t allow myself to give this wonderful school a chance because I didn’t think I’d fit in in a million years! Then I visited campus, and as they say, the rest is history.

I quickly realized all the fun activities and things I can be part of that support the inner artist in me, like the Maverick Art Show held in the Gallery of the Student Union. I even got to display my photography work along with other artists from the community on right here on campus! I’ll be sharing lot of my photography here so be sure to come back and see it all!

Now that the doors have opened, I realized that even though my interests aren’t in airplanes, flying and engineering, I can still be part of the industry in a different way on the communication side of things. I realized that I can still be a creative person and pursue my passions even at an amazingly complex and specialized school like Embry-Riddle. A push from my family allowed me to spread my wings and fly! So even if your interests are a bit outside flight and space, I encourage you to look at all the options offered at this amazing campus! It is inspiring!

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