First Weeks Back!

 The start of a new semester is always busy the first couple weeks. You’re learning what all your new classes entail, meeting new professors, and new people. It seems like it all happens so quickly and that can be quite the adjustment from high school, but after the second week or so passes it gets good. You get used to the new schedule and begin to enjoy all your new classes! It’s also important to stick to who you are as well. Through college you are going to learn numerous different things, but sticking to your hobbies and your passions is what keeps you true to yourself.

As we all know I love photography and that is my hobby. The beginning of the week, I was taking some photos around campus and I’d like to show you what I have.

Mori Hosseini Student Union
College of Arts & Sciences
Legacy Walk
Medjool Date Palms line Legacy Walk
Reflections of Campus

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