Graduation Approaches

Graduation approaches…….time to buy your cap/gown, figure out where you are going to live/work afterwards…..parents want official graduation photos to send family and friends. But what are the iconic spots on campus to take these photos? Well, I highly recommend getting some pictures with any projects you are working on (if you are able to, please abide by ITAR etc.). Here are some of the graduation photos I took recently at the two spots that people usually use around campus for inspiration: in front of the Wright Flyer statue and along the Legacy Walk (enjoy the blooper photo at the end)

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Hometown: St. Augustine, FL Campus Involvement: Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Project Manager/VP of Women's Baja SAE Team, FAA-related Research Job, College of Arts & Sciences Student Council Chair of Engineering Physics Why I chose Embry-Riddle: There are two big things that really pushed me to apply/attend to ERAU. One was the tremendous amount of hands-on experience that I could get just by asking to be a part of projects, teams, and research. The other was the numerous program-specific, non-gen-ed classes that started as early as freshman and sophomore year which made me excited to learn and apply concepts as soon as possible.

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