Spring Break Flashbacks

Flashback when you met me…

Spring break is unfortunately over, which means it’s back to business down here in Daytona Beach. The majority of my spring break was spent lounging around in my apartment with my cat and doing very little schoolwork.

However, I did have one of my final trips for Women’s Ambassadors. I went to accepted student receptions in Boston, MA and then Hartford, CT during the final weekend of spring break. Since the receptions are lunches, we typically arrive the day before the first reception and fly out on the night of the last reception. This is different than two years ago during my first trip, where I also visited Hartford!

The weather in Boston was SO much different than Daytona Beach. Since we’re in Florida, the thickest thing I own is a sweatshirt, and I was not prepared. I spent the first part of my day walking around the city with the New England admissions counselor, Crystal. We walked around a bit outside and then ended up stopping at a neat-looking market that was thankfully inside.

After that we ended up going back to a mall connected to our hotel where I met an old friend. We’d gone to a few summer camps together and funnily enough, she’s from Florida! She’s going to college in the Boston area and thankfully had an extra coat. The two of us walked around more of Boston, including stopping by the public library.

Boston’s public library!

After a lot of walking, we decided to get dinner together. I get a hotel room to myself when I travel, so we headed back to it. We decided on pizza and garlic knots for dinner while watching to original Top Gun movie. It was a lot of fun to catch up with good food and a fun event.

The next morning, I got ready for the student reception. It was held nearby in a restaurant connected to the mall, and I was glad that I didn’t have to go outside. The Boston luncheon was the largest one I’d seen- there were almost a hundred people there! The full-time admissions representatives spoke about the university and then answered questions at the end. Once the presentation was over, I talked to parents and families and answered any kinds of questions that they had.

After the reception, I drove to Hartford with Crystal! We stopped for coffee at Marylou’s, which is a chain that specializes in flavored coffee. I thought it was pretty good- I’m a huge fan of caramel and sweet coffee. Once we arrived in Hartford we had dinner together and went to the hotel. I finally did a little bit of schoolwork, which was definitely needed.

The Hartford reception was similar to the Boston one, but a bit smaller. Crystal spoke for a bit, answered questions, and then I got to go talk to everyone. Both travel and helping other people are my favorite parts of the job. I’m a people person and an extrovert. I had a lot of questions when I was in high school and I’m thankful to everyone who helped me find the answers I needed.

After Hartford, Crystal and I looked around the city a bit more and got coffee before my flight. I flew back to Daytona Beach through Atlanta, unpacked, and got ready for class on Monday. I’ve had a very busy week so far, and it only gets busier! On Thursday, I’ll be headed to the Women in Aviation International conference and on Friday through Sunday, I’ll be traveling again with Women’s Ambassadors. Maybe I’ll see you at one of those events… and if not, hopefully at Riddle!

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