About Sergio


Aeronautical Science

**Age:** 18
**Hometown:** Pico Rivera, CA
**Favorite Movie:** Back to the Future trilogy
**Favorite Band:** Beastie Boys
**Career Goal:** Be an airplane pilot, fly internationally

October 28, 2004

Hello to all my journal readers, we here at Riddle are over halfway done with our semester and classes are really going into overdrive. Many classes of mine such as my management class, my success skills class, and my English class are having me write either a short paper or an actual research paper. In other classes such as Meteorology and Aeronautics I have taken a few tests already. Overall, I have been working almost non-stop to try and complete all the assignments I am assigned as well as try to stay up to par in my flight class. I have taken a few flights since my last journal entry and am still working between simulators, flights, and orals to try and get my private license. I will not have my license by the end of the semester because of all the delays from hurricanes, improper paperwork, as well as some instructor conflicts, but I do expect to have it early next semester. My main goal is to go home back to California summer of 2005 with my Private Pilot License and Multi-Engine rating. As for my academic classes, as you know, they are very busy, but my Aeronautics class has proven to be my favorite. For pilots who truly have a passion for flying, it becomes a very interesting class and one that I have personally found to be easy to study for. From learning how to use a flight computer to attaining the knowledge to plan a cross-country flight, the class has been my favorite. My toughest class right now has to be Meteorology. I am not sure whether it is the time (afternoon) or just that I am not interested in the subject, but I have a hard time recalling the information. Because of this, I did not perform well on my first exam, but it served as a wake up call and now I am focusing more on that class than any of my others.

I’ve met quite a few people here at Riddle, though few are from California, it has been a great experience thus far. Most of the people I hang out with are here at my dormitory which is McKay Hall. Because we are a dormitory that was built like a motel, we really don’t get exposed to many people from our floor (no hallways or common areas), but I have met a few people around here that are funny and fun to hang out with. I’ve also met a few international students from countries such as Sri Lanka, India, as well as Honduras. When you walk around campus, you notice that there is a very large international population here at Riddle. It proves to be a benefit because from seeing more cultures, one has the habit of becoming more open to many different activities. So far, as half a semester has gone by, I have had a great experience here at Riddle and I am looking forward to a few more years here.

I will be going home back to California the day of my high school’s homecoming and stay there the weekend and that makes me happy because I get to see friends, family, and others I have not seen in a while. Though Riddle is having its homecoming the same weekend, I figure I’ll be here for the next three years to see it; I also decided on going home because I am not going home for Thanksgiving.

Well, to end this journal, I’d like to make a request to any readers who read my journal or any others, to give us any questions that we may be able to answer. Sometimes I tend to forget some subjects off my journal, so remind me or any other journal writer what is you as a reader would like to know more about. Post all requests on the WebBoard. We’ll try to answer them as complete as possible. Well, until next time, Later!

October 14, 2004

Finally back in school for about three weeks and only one day canceled (Hurricane Jeanne). I guess it sounds awkward that I am relieved that school is back in session, but it‚s due to the fact that we already have one Saturday school day scheduled in December. Though it is only one Saturday, it is still a drag because it is right before finals week. So I guess being back in school without cancellations because of hurricanes relieves all of us here at Embry-Riddle from having to go to school on Saturday.

Classes here at Riddle have finally begun to take shape as well. In the weeks during the hurricanes, we were unable to really settle down into our classes and really find out how it was going to be within them. Luckily, our add/drop dates were extended and we still had a few days when classes resumed to decide whether we wanted to stay in a class or not. Luckily, my schedule was set correctly. Though I am taking six classes this semester, I feel that it has not been difficult to keep up with work. I have all my class work, homework, appointments with advisors, club meetings, and other events scheduled so that I may able to handle all of them accordingly. It has been a lot of reading here in college, so be prepared to read more than you probably ever have in your entire life. (unless your hobby is reading) Besides reading, be prepared to write papers on topics that you will have to create yourself. For some reason, professors like to leave papers as open topic papers, provided they relate to the course. Reading and writing will prove to be the two principal skills that one will need when entering college; Embry-Riddle is no exception. So be prepared and if you can take Advanced Placement English Language and Literature, you will eliminate six of the required nine communication credits.

On the extracurricular side of Embry-Riddle, a club and activities fair was held about two weeks ago in which students here were exposed to the many extracurricular activities that are found on campus. There are a substantial number of clubs and organizations on campus to feed the student‚s interests and needs. Clubs such as the Skydiving club, Surf Club, Modelers club, etc. and organizations such as the Eagles Flight Team, ERAU College Democrats, as well as others were on display. I personally decided to join the Flight Team because I discovered that it was an organization that refined piloting skills, advanced basic piloting concepts, and also flew in national competitions. I was also interested in a few clubs, but will look further into them at a later date.

As for my flying activities so far I finally had the opportunity to fly on Saturday October 9. It was a two-hour flight that took me around north-central Florida up and down the coast. It was a fun and educational flight. I took off from Daytona Beach International Airport, flew to a practice area north of Daytona Beach, flew back in to a nearby airport in Deland, then took off again back to Daytona Beach and landed safely. While in the practice area, since I had one hour previous to this flight, my instructor and I practiced basic maneuvers and had the opportunity to experience what certain pilot inputs do to an airplane, such as pitching up and down, etc. Overall, it was fun, and I know that as I log more flights, my experience here will only improve.

On another note, Daytona Beach has been a great place to come and live. The town is dormant at times and seems to be a ghost town at times, but on the weekends it is lively beachside and mainland. The beach here is nice and warm, unlike west coast beaches, and the beachside resorts, restaurants, entertainment areas, and stores, always provide an alternative to the non-water loving people. From places like Starbucks, and Johnny Rockets, to entertainment like bike-riding and even movie theatres, the beachside has it all. I have had fun the few times I have visited, and look forward to heading back more often.

Not having a car, at times, can be tough. There are days where it is just too hot to try and walk around the area and even around campus, other days are filled with rain, so if you can, bring a car or prepare to be riding with friends or on a bus. Orlando and its resorts are about 45 minutes away with Jacksonville up the coast. So no matter what you like, it is probably somewhere around here. It has been a fun experience so far here at Embry-Riddle.

Until next time, later!

September 30, 2004

My name is Sergio and I am one of the journal writers for the 2004-2005 school year here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach campus. Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself then I will talk about my experience thus far here at Riddle.

I am from Pico Rivera, California which is a mid-sized city that lies 15 minutes east of Los Angeles. I have always liked airplanes, have enjoyed flying to many places, and loved aviation; these reasons are what brought me here to Embry-Riddle. I am a freshman here at Embry-Riddle and I am studying Aeronautical Science. For those of you still not sure, the Aeronautical Science program is kind of like a dual program, you receive both a university curriculum (English, humanities, etc.) as well as actual flight training. Most, if not all, aeronautical science graduates go on to become professional pilots after graduation. My goal is to one day become an airline pilot.

That’s a background on me and why I am here, now my experience, which I admit, has been quite hectic.

From the moment I arrived here, people were welcoming and very helpful in assisting others and me to his or her respective dormitory. I got lucky and I am staying in McKay Hall which was built sort of as a motel, it sure looks like one. The dorms here are nice and are furnished with everything to cover your basic needs. Check-in was easy and the campus is small enough that no walk is longer than 15 minutes long. After a half-week of orientation events and a good weekend, we started school; this is where it got quite hectic.

I have a 17 unit course load which translates into 6 classes with 1 flight course. If I am to advise anything to high school students, it would be to take as many Advanced Placement mathematical, physics, and English courses as possible. Personally, I am not one for general education classes, so I finished my entire math and half my required physics credits for the Aeronautical Science program in high school. Anyways, classes were great for 3 days, but then Hurricane Frances crept towards Florida. We were evacuated at which time I relocated to Halifax Medical Center, a hospital across the street, and volunteered until the hurricane passed. It was quite an experience. At times, other volunteers and I worked for about 30-50 hours without any sleep. It was something I never experienced, not to mention, my first hurricane. Soon after returning to campus, we received word that we would get evacuated for Hurricane Ivan. I decided to fly back home into LAX and stayed there for a week. I returned to campus on September 19 and just completed my first week of school. Now, Hurricane Jeanne is on its way. I have to get going in preparation for that.

As for flight here, I haven’t flown due to all the hurricanes, but I know I will be flying soon. I have no hours or experience, so I am waiting how it turns out.