October 28, 2004

Hello to all my journal readers, we here at Riddle are over halfway done with our semester and classes are really going into overdrive. Many classes of mine such as my management class, my success skills class, and my English class are having me write either a short paper or an actual research paper. In other classes such as Meteorology and Aeronautics I have taken a few tests already. Overall, I have been working almost non-stop to try and complete all the assignments I am assigned as well as try to stay up to par in my flight class. I have taken a few flights since my last journal entry and am still working between simulators, flights, and orals to try and get my private license. I will not have my license by the end of the semester because of all the delays from hurricanes, improper paperwork, as well as some instructor conflicts, but I do expect to have it early next semester. My main goal is to go home back to California summer of 2005 with my Private Pilot License and Multi-Engine rating. As for my academic classes, as you know, they are very busy, but my Aeronautics class has proven to be my favorite. For pilots who truly have a passion for flying, it becomes a very interesting class and one that I have personally found to be easy to study for. From learning how to use a flight computer to attaining the knowledge to plan a cross-country flight, the class has been my favorite. My toughest class right now has to be Meteorology. I am not sure whether it is the time (afternoon) or just that I am not interested in the subject, but I have a hard time recalling the information. Because of this, I did not perform well on my first exam, but it served as a wake up call and now I am focusing more on that class than any of my others.

I’ve met quite a few people here at Riddle, though few are from California, it has been a great experience thus far. Most of the people I hang out with are here at my dormitory which is McKay Hall. Because we are a dormitory that was built like a motel, we really don’t get exposed to many people from our floor (no hallways or common areas), but I have met a few people around here that are funny and fun to hang out with. I’ve also met a few international students from countries such as Sri Lanka, India, as well as Honduras. When you walk around campus, you notice that there is a very large international population here at Riddle. It proves to be a benefit because from seeing more cultures, one has the habit of becoming more open to many different activities. So far, as half a semester has gone by, I have had a great experience here at Riddle and I am looking forward to a few more years here.

I will be going home back to California the day of my high school’s homecoming and stay there the weekend and that makes me happy because I get to see friends, family, and others I have not seen in a while. Though Riddle is having its homecoming the same weekend, I figure I’ll be here for the next three years to see it; I also decided on going home because I am not going home for Thanksgiving.

Well, to end this journal, I’d like to make a request to any readers who read my journal or any others, to give us any questions that we may be able to answer. Sometimes I tend to forget some subjects off my journal, so remind me or any other journal writer what is you as a reader would like to know more about. Post all requests on the WebBoard. We’ll try to answer them as complete as possible. Well, until next time, Later!

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