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Hometown: Leesburg, Florida
Campus Involvement: EcoCar, Formula SAE

Lazy Sunday – Porsche Cayman

Lately, the weather has been amazing here in Florida so I have been taking every opportunity to go out and film! I’ve never written a script for a film before this one and I like how it turned out. Filming off of a script made me feel a little less creative in the field with my shots but, in my opinion, turned out better. I didn’t go home with any shots I felt that I had missed and it was an amazing feeling. It was definitely worth the extra effort of working out and revising what I was going to film before I did it. In this film I attempted to capture the feeling of a lazy Sunday for a Porsche owner.

Thank you for watching!!

Learning Photoshop Over Winter Break

Over winter break I took some time away from videos and started experimenting with Photoshop. I took the bottom picture of this FR-S behind a hotel just off Atlantic Ave. and turned it into the above picture. The only thing about the picture that remained the same was the car. I turned the background of the picture into the San Francisco skyline with a falcon 9 rocket launching in the background. Of course I loved the turnout of the photo so much that I had it printed, framed, and gave it as a Christmas present to the owner. I look forward to learning so much more about Photoshop and experimenting more with photography!

Vossen/AccuAir Roush Mustang


Recently, I was tasked with creating a video for the Vossen and AccuAir Roush Mustang for their upcoming SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show car. After 3 days of filming and many iterations of this video I have come up with what I think captures the feeling of this build; a simple, yet elegant video to go along with a car that has the aforementioned design language. I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did making it. Happy New Year!

Thanksgiving Camaro SS (ThankSSgiving)


Over Thanksgiving break, I finally had the opportunity to film an individual car, this time a 2013 Camaro SS. It has been a while since I’ve had the time to film an individual car, which I always enjoy doing. It is a lot of fun to focus on the details of one car and what makes it unique. Also in this video I took a lot of time to experiment with sound design and try to refine the sound of the car more than focusing on the music. I hope you enjoy this video and if anyone is interested in having their personal car filmed let me know, I would be happy to do so!



Every October, the biggest and the baddest descend on Tampa, FL and Bradenton, FL for FL2K. This year FL2K returns to the “House of Hook” or better known as Bradenton Motorsports Park, for another thrilling weekend of racing. This is by far one of the most thrilling annual drag racing events that I attend. Bradenton is 3 hours one way from Daytona Beach, however, it is well worth the travel if you attend next year. This film took countless hours to film and produce, but I think that it truly captures the atmosphere of the event. I am very proud to share with you this month long production of the FL2K18 Aftermovie!

DeLand Auto Cross Solo Sunday Funday

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in my third solo Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) autocross competition, along with about 8 other Embry-Riddle students. “Solo” is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo events are driving skill competitions that emphasize the driver’s ability and the car’s handling capabilities. A driving a course is set up using traffic cones as a guide in a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip. In our case we used a section of DeLand Municipal airport that is no longer used, due to the deterioration of the pavement.

Cars compete within classes grouped by similar performance capabilities.  All runs through the course are timed, and the car in each class with the fastest time through the course is the winner of that class. There is only one car on any part of the course at a time. In other words, you will never be “wheel-to-wheel” with another car. At each event, drivers will get about 4-5 runs through the course. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline pumping experience. The SCCA annually publishes the Solo Rules to classify a full range of imported and domestic sports cars, sedans, and purpose-built race cars, as well as to layout the rules behind Solo competition. The SCCA also publishes the Stock Classifications to make it easy to determine the stock Solo Class for most unmodified cars.

Solo/Autocross is the safest and most inexpensive form of “racing” for both driver and car.  The majority of drivers bring out their daily drivers, though there are those who bring modified streetcar “toys” as well as purpose built race cars.  Almost any kind of car is welcome as long as it meets restrictions on high-center-of-gravity or rollover tendency. The courses are set up to mitigate most risks to car and driver, with the worst damage coming in the form of a rubber scuff from hitting a cone, which will come right off with a good car wash.

If you enjoy technical, skill based driving and think you have what it takes to drive in a SCCA Solo event; I highly recommend participating in an event. I will include a link below where you can sign up for future events. Come out and join your fellow students in some friendly, yet competitive, driving competition.

The ERAU 86/FRS/BRZ Club Official Video

I promised the ERAU 86/FRS/BRZ Club would get an official video and here it is! It took a ton of time to plan, film, and edit! However, it was well worth it. If you are an owner or enthusiast of the 86/FRS/BRZ, come join us! Leave a comment on this post and I will give you more info and get you connected with the club!

EcoCAR 3 Earth Day Celebration

On Wednesday, April 18th I had the pleasure of traveling with the ERAU EcoCAR 3 team to Kennedy Space Center for their Earth Day Expo trip. I was asked to photograph their trip and try and capture the experience of their day. We left the EcoCAR garage at 7:30 AM sharp arrived at KSC around 9:30 AM. We received our official visitor badges and got to setting up the booth. The goal of the setting up the booth at KSC was to attract NASA employees as possible consumers of this experimental car and inform them of the EcoCAR project and competition. Overall it was well received by the NASA employees and some even asked if they could buy one in the near future! If you are interested in learning more about the EcoEagles or the EcoCAR competition please feel free to follow these links to learn more:





Introducing the ERAU FRS/BRZ/86 club! This is a club my friends and I have been trying to come up with for a few months now and we have finally gathered nearly all 86 owners on campus. Here is a preview video and photos of some of our members, I will have a full-length film coming for the club soon. If you are an ERAU student, and are an 86 owner or know of one please join us!


A Car Show With Class – Festivals of Speed

The 6th Annual Mission Inn Festivals of Speed showcased both vintage and contemporary vehicles of all makes and models. The show field was diverse with vehicles placed into an exquisite setting. The perfectly manicured fairway of this magnificent property played host to some of the world’s most exotic supercars, American muscle, rare custom motorcycles, vintage boats and countless other unique and exciting vehicles.