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Hometown: Leesburg, Florida Campus Involvement: EcoCar, Formula SAE

The ERAU 86/FRS/BRZ Club Official Video

I promised the ERAU 86/FRS/BRZ Club would get an official video and here it is! It took a ton of time to plan, film, and edit! However, it was well worth it. If you are an owner or enthusiast of the 86/FRS/BRZ, come join us! Leave a comment on this post and I will give you more info and get you connected with the club!

EcoCAR 3 Earth Day Celebration

On Wednesday, April 18th I had the pleasure of traveling with the ERAU EcoCAR 3 team to Kennedy Space Center for their Earth Day Expo trip. I was asked to photograph their trip and try and capture the experience of their day. We left the EcoCAR garage at 7:30 AM sharp arrived at KSC around 9:30 AM. We received our official visitor badges and got to setting up the booth. The goal of the setting up the booth at KSC was to attract NASA employees as possible consumers of this experimental car and inform them of the EcoCAR project and competition. Overall it was well received by the NASA employees and some even asked if they could buy one in the near future! If you are interested in learning more about the EcoEagles or the EcoCAR competition please feel free to follow these links to learn more:

About Us




Introducing the ERAU FRS/BRZ/86 club! This is a club my friends and I have been trying to come up with for a few months now and we have finally gathered nearly all 86 owners on campus. Here is a preview video and photos of some of our members, I will have a full-length film coming for the club soon. If you are an ERAU student, and are an 86 owner or know of one please join us!


A Car Show With Class – Festivals of Speed

The 6th Annual Mission Inn Festivals of Speed showcased both vintage and contemporary vehicles of all makes and models. The show field was diverse with vehicles placed into an exquisite setting. The perfectly manicured fairway of this magnificent property played host to some of the world’s most exotic supercars, American muscle, rare custom motorcycles, vintage boats and countless other unique and exciting vehicles.


Ocala Half Mile Shootout 2018

Wanna Go Fast Ocala 2018, held at the Jumbolair Airport ( located in Ocala, Florida, nestled in the Horse Capital of the World. Participants were given a chance to take their vehicles top speed down Jumbolair’s private 7550 ft runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice. Within this same event a project car challenge was going on between 10+ notable Youtube stars. More info on this challenge can be found at:

A Classic Project in Motion


In this video we take a step back in time to appreciate the classic car that is the poster child for the American dream. Nothing screams America like a tire shredding ’68 Camaro with no mufflers. Steve’s classic ’68 Camaro is a work in progress. It was his first car at the age of 16 and he’s had it since. The next big step is to get the car painted gloss black, as you can see it has flat primer on it currently. Major props to builds like this that keep the culture moving forward. The heartbeat of America is alive and well, also it’s probably still faster than whatever you drive 50 years later.

Street Racing Made Safe

STREET RACING MADE SAFE IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT PROVIDES A SAFE AND LEGAL ALTERNATIVE TO ILLEGAL STREET RACING. Street Racing Made Safe offers the only solution to illegal street racing through education and simulation. At the events they simulate every option of street racing in a controlled environment. SRMS controls everything and give standards to that which street racing has never had. At SRMS events you have the option to do DIG racing and Roll Racing with different MPH options. I had a great time at SRMS and if you ever feel the need to street race, don’t! There is a safe and legal option at a track near you that simulates the street racing experience without the danger or legal consequences!

Simply Clean 9: Destination Daytona

It’s that time of year again to gather all car enthusiasts to one location for a special day of meeting new people, showing off your ride and helping out those in need. Put on by Air Lift PerformanceBC Racing North America and BC Forged NA at Destination Daytona, an amazing venue that houses restaurants, bars, a hotel and much more! This event produced generous amount of donations from show participants over the last 5 years, over 3,000+ lbs of hygiene/non perishable food items were collected to help the homeless. The donations were given to Pathways To Care “a not-for-profit assisted living facility which provides recuperative care to homeless men & women recovering from an acute illness of injury”. It was an amazing car show for a good cause. Hope to see some more ERAU students there next year!