Online Classes & COVID-19

Happy March everyone! I am currently blogging from Northern Virginia, and here’s how my schedule has changed since COVID-19 come in effect and I began taking online classes:

I still wakeup early and drink coffee and I still begin working from the very beginning of the day until the end of the day.

I spend more time working on class things now than before. This is partly because I had to spend two days packing and vacating from living on campus to moving back up north by myself. Usually move out occurs at the end of the semester, after finals, and I am able to have my friends/family help me pack. This time was extremely expedited, solo, and very stressful . . . on top of up in the air RA responsibilities and professors starting online classes and uploading lectures and assignments that I began to fall behind on. Moving out and going to a safe place where I was not at risk of becoming sick (from exposure to thousands of students returning from traveling over spring break) began taking precedence over me trying to stay on top of 60+ priority daily email notifications. 

So to say the least, my personal transition to online classes was very abrupt and sort of felt like I was running to keep up with a moving train. Quarantine preparation and move-out time were not originally factored into my Spring Break plan.

A selfie from the airport quickly traveling back from Daytona Beach to IAD, not pictured: a lot of hand sanitizer and a row to myself on the plane.
Flashback to waking up stress free and looking outside in Key West over Spring Break.

Once I traveled back home and transitioned to actually having time to spend on my online classes though here are a few things I’ve noticed:

Typical in-person classes in Aerospace Engineering are difficult, especially ones that are traditionally not offered as online courses (in the fall/spring as well as summer semesters) because they are too challenging. Now, take these courses with professors who are not the most technologically savvy, and force them to transition to teaching upper level engineering courses via a digital platform. In your head you might be thinking, that doesn’t sound like an idea that would flow very smoothly, and yes, I will tell you, indeed it does not.

Thankfully, however, flexibility is the key to Air Power and AFROTC has smoothly transitioned to hosting online classes and digital assignments to compensate for not having in person Leadership Laboratories, Physical Training sessions, and Air Force classes. That being said, it is significantly easier for classes that frequently rely on digital assignments and communication over online platforms to quickly and easily make a transition to solely remote learning.

I’ve had my first Solid Mechanics test online since digital courses began and even though most of the material was taught before spring break, it was still significantly more stressful as the constant worry of technical issues, distractions, or everyday life problems that occur in a home setting were looming around me (think power outages, that yes, of course happened to me 20 minutes prior to starting my exam).

I have come to the realization that I spend more time on my coursework now with online classes than I did with in-person classes because even with power-points, notes, and recorded lectures being uploaded, I am pretty much teaching myself material in addition to completing homework, projects, and “in-class” assignments on my own.

Verdict: I prefer in person learning to online classes.

Will report back soon folks, keep on keeping on, stay safe and stay well!

November 3rd, 2008

Hey guys!
The past week has been super crazy for me! We had Flight Team Regional Competition which we hosted at the Daytona Beach International Airport. We had runway 25L and 7R closed for us until 11:00am every day last week. We also came away with the 21st consecutive regional championship for the Eagles Flight Team!!!! I participate in message drop..which is mostly for fun… however I did end up taking second place with my pilot Tim. It’s a lot of fun.

Except I missed a whole week of class so I am trying to get caught up on all of that now. I have to go to physics here soon and get crucified by all the work I missed. Most of my teachers we cooperative, but there’s always that one..which happened to be my MA111 professor, she just won’t budge. She doesn’t give partial credit on tests at all…and they are not multiple choice, she doesn’t give extra credit, doesn’t take late work.. AHH if you can avoid having Cambell as a professor.. DO IT!

I also went to the JAX airshow two weeks ago.. It was AWESOME!!! I have never seen the Blue Angels before and they rocked! My roommates and I had so much fun. I got to get really close to the planes too! I was really hoping that the Delta 757 that is painted for breast cancer awareness was going to be there… but it wasn’t. I was upset about that, but there was so much stuff to see it was still fun! My computer is still not working so I don’t have my pictures to show you, but they are all up on facebook from others..check it out. I stole 2 to put up here for you guys. One is my message drop Pilot Tim and I, and the other is all of the Message droppers. It was a fun week for sure 🙂 Well now I am off to physics, I need a vacation!!!! later taters!