Me, Myself and I

Hello readers!

My name is Maryam Gracias, and I am a junior majoring in Spaceflight Operations with minors in Flight, Aviation Safety and Human Factors. This is my first blog ever! A little about myself, I was born and brought up in Dubai, UAE but my family and I moved to Bradenton, FL five years ago. I played professional tennis at IMG Academy in Bradenton, where I also graduated from high school with Highest Honours. It was a huge culture shock coming to America, and the transition was not easy. Now that I live in Florida, I love to camp, spend time at the beach and of course, go to Disney World! I am the first person in my family to be involved in the aviation industry, and I am currently working towards becoming a pilot. After earning my degree, I want to join a good organization where I can prove my capabilities, talents and contribute my skills. 

I am currently a Flight Safety intern at Delta Air Lines. So far, it has been such a great experience! I have met tons of people who are passionate about the industry. I will be going to Pittsburgh for the Aviation Safety Infoshare in April, and Delta is paying for my flight AND hotel! The Infoshare is basically a place where all airlines come together and share confidential information, so whatever happens at the conference, stays at the conference! Participants can attend the Infoshare only if they work for any airlines. I am super thrilled that I got selected to go with Delta. I have never been to Pennsylvania before, so I am excited!

I am a very adventurous person, and I LOVE travelling, so I try to go somewhere new as often as possible. I got selected to go to Cuba for Spring Break as part of the Ignite Research Program at Riddle. My research topic will focus on how Delta’s flight operations resumed back to Havana after the suspension of US air carriers into the country. I can’t wait to blog about it and tell all my lovely readers about my wonderful experience!

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing spring break!!!

Until next time,