Last Minute Career Expo Tips

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! For those of you who are attending the Industry/Career Expo, I have prepared a few last minute tips that you can use before, during and after the event!


I got my Fast Pass!

Here is a list of things you can do before the event:

Fast Pass pick up: Today is the last day to get your Fast Pass early to avoid long lines at the day of the event. Stop by Career Services with your Eagle Card to get your Fast Pass. It just takes a few seconds!

Download the Embry-Riddle Career Fair Plus app: The app is available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. You will have access to the list of employers, which includes their company description, the job positions available, and any type of work authorizations required. The app also offers a map of the fair so you will not get lost the day of the event.

Do some research: Get to know the companies you are interested in working for. Navigate on their websites to know what jobs are currently offered and what are the requirements. Review the job requirements and qualifications. Companies want you to show them that you are interested in working for their company.

Review your resume: Take a look at your resume one last time to make sure that it is properly formatted and free of spelling errors. Click here for resume tips!

Practice interviews: Practice your elevator speech that you will use to introduce yourself to the employers. Make good impression. Additionally, get together with a friend and simulate an interview. Practice answering questions about the company or about the position you would like to work for. If you are applying for a particular position, go look on Glassdoor to see if there are any sample interview questions. Click here for other interviewing tips and sample questions!

Attend the info sessions: You should attend the information sessions of the companies you are interested in. From past experience, many of them gives you important tips such as how to approach an employer and how to shake hands. Below is the schedule of the Company Information Sessions prior to the Industry/Career Expo.


Spring 2017 Company Info Sessions

On Site
Dress Code: During the event, you should look professional. You should wear clean, pressed business attire and be properly groomed.

What to bring?: You should bring your EagleCard, a notepad/portfolio to take notes and to hold copies of your resumes, a list of the companies you are interested in, and business cards.

Following the event, you may want to send thank you notes to the employers you had significant interaction with or whom you interviewed with.

It’s definitely okay if you don’t get an interview during your first year of college. I used my first time at the Expo as practice. I did not get any interviews, but I went to talk to the various recruiters to get more information. You can ask them what the company is looking for to hire students. They are usually looking for extra curricular activities, clubs and past work experience. Use the following year to boost up your resume!

Hope this helps!


Traveling Interviews

Hello again!!

I have had a whirlwind 36 hours. Yesterday I spent the day traveling to and from an interview with Southwest in Dallas, Texas. I’ve flown all over Texas, but I’ve never actually been to Dallas; I was really excited! It turned out to be great fun!

I got up bright and early and drove out to Orlando for my first flight on Southwest and on a 737. It was instantly impressed with the level of professionalism and the ease of the boarding processes. We had hysterical flight attendants and a great flight crew. They asked me if I was a pilot and we struck up a great conversation.

The airport was beautiful; nothing like Atlanta or Chicago (which is a good thing). Very simple decorations and lots and lots of Boeing 737s. Even BBJs (Boeing Business Jets – it’s a private Boeing jet). The drive from the airport to Southwest headquarters was quick and easy, with once again lovely staff members.

I arrived about 3 hours early, which I know sounds awful, but I tried to look on the bright side. I filled out all of the paperwork and was fingerprinted very quickly. There were a few people in the waiting room with me, but I managed to find a great spot and started to work on my homework and classwork (that I missed because I was at this interview). So I worked and worked until my interview came. I was running questions through my head and practicing answers and thinking of worst case scenarios.

The interviewer took me back right when the interview was about to start. He gave me fair warning that there were about 7 people in the room and to prepare myself. My heart started pounding, but then, once I sat down and started answering questions, the interview zoomed by. I couldn’t believe that my 30 minutes was up so quickly. It was actually closer to 45, but it still zoomed by.

The next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor of the gate, studying for my exams, getting ready for school the next day. Then I hopped on a plane and made it home, very very late, but I made it home.

The next morning I drove my boyfriend back to the same airport I arrived at 4 hours prior for his first trip as a First Officer for a Regional airline.

Needless to say, it’s been an absolutely chaotic 36 hours, but I still have the rest of the week to handle and another in-person interview in Missouri!

Here’s to the next 12 days.

Until next time – blue skies!

~ Emmy