It’s a Slow Season…

The last few weeks have been not quite as busy as before. Now that the Summer Games and USA Games have ended, things are really starting to breathe around the office until fall sports begin.

Last week, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Seattle, WA. I had a TON of fun and got to do a lot of exploring around. Seattle is definitely looking like a hopeful place to start a career post graduation. I even got to visit the Amazon Headquarters and see a snippet of how things work.


At the Seattle Sea Wall near the Seattle Aquarium. It was such a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy all to offer!

A view of the Seattle Space Needle from the top of the Amazon Headquarters building.

A view of the Seattle Space Needle from the top of the Amazon Headquarters building.


My cake from some heavenly bakery in Seattle. Chocolate with cherry filling. I’m pretty sure I had a slice every night until it was gone.


The conclusion of Seattle’s Pride Week – Pridefest at the Seattle Center. We saw a couple get married, a bunch of crazy costumes, and other things that are better left unsaid. I also got my first “Seattle-Dog”, the best darn hotdog I’ve ever had!


Got to be the guest volunteer for ComedySportz Seattle. I never knew I was so good at improve comedy.


I couldn’t let the time go without showing my letters on the Puget Sound. Tri Sigma, Faithful Unto Death!

Since it has been a pretty slow week at SOKS (Special Olympics Kansas) and not much really going on, you can always check SOKS on Facebook ( for any upcoming events or just some good reads.

USA Games!!!

Right now, as we speak (well as I type & you read) 17 SO athletes are competing at the 2014 USA Games in Princeton, NJ. The games are held once every four years and it is such an accomplishment to be chosen to compete. Our athletes are competing with other athletes all over the country and have already done some incredible things. The games officially started on Monday and will continue through Friday (June 20). This week is actually not so bad since I get to sit at a computer all day and look through pictures. The only downfall to that is that the 2014 USA Games page has over 5000 pictures just in the Opening Ceremonies page. Believe it or not, The Big Show from WWE was a part of the Opening Ceremonies as well as Jane Lynch. WWE is one of the sponsors for the USA Games. There was a bunch of other famous people who did some kinda of something at the Opening Ceremonies but I have no idea who their names are.

You know how they say everything is better in Kansas? Well, it’s true. We birthed the now 2014 power lifting champion, Chevi “The Manimal” Peters. Chevi won gold, two silver, and bronze medals in power lifting already! Another athlete, Morgan Dias won gold in the 1500M and 800M. We were really close to having another athlete win gold in the 1500 but his score was disqualified since his final run was 25% or more better than his preliminary score. When I heard that this morning, I was completely mortified and heartbroken that someone’s skanky politics could take away a dream like that. I literally wanted to cry right then and there.


Eric Kling, Gladys Figeroa, and Trevor Hallman. Each of these athletes participated in aquatics and place in the finals. Kling inĀ 4th place swimming the 25YD Backstroke in 28.68 sec, Figeroa in 5th place at 34.13 sec, and Hallman in 2nd place at 20.01 sec. Congratulation to these wonderful athletes! #TeamKansas


Chris Leon holding his flowers after winning 3rd place in the 1500M. His time was 9 min, 3.04 sec. Congratulations Chris! #TeamKansas


Our ultimate powerlifting champion Chevi Peters. Chevi placed; 3rd in the male bench press with a score of 47.50, 2nd in the male squat scoring 92.50, second in male combo, and first in deadlift with a score of 132.71. Congratulations Chevi on such an accomplishment. #TeamKansas is so proud of you!


Our soccer team defeated Team New York twice and are now 3-1!


Morgan Dias (middle) won gold in the 800 M with a time of 9 min, 15.40 sec. Go Morgan! #TeamKansas.


The lighting of the cauldron during the Opening Ceremonies in Princeton, NJ.

In other news, my first press release is public! It was pretty hard adjusting to the style of writing here but it gets easier. Hopefully there will be more to come! Check out the link below!