October 28, 2004

Hey everyone! I tell you as the semester goes further along, the more sleep deprived I become! I enjoy my time here at Embry-Riddle even more, even with the lack of sleep! I love spending time with all of my friends that are on my hall. They all help to calm me down while I am stressing out for the next exam. I thank Mike especially, because I know I have to be getting on his nerves sometimes as I complain that EP can be so overwhelming sometimes. He told me that the hard part is over: figuring out what I want to do in life. Now I have the easy part of just getting everything done. I start to think of his saying whenever I am in chemistry class and feeling lost at how to find the theoretical yield of a reaction. Things are getting better in chemistry. Now we’re doing thermodynamics and the problems don’t seem too hard at the moment. I have been making myself a second home here at the chemistry tutor labs, and they are very willing to help me whenever I need help! If things start to get worse again, I will be sure to talk to Dr. Cameron (trust me there is no way I can fail this class), who is willing to help any one of his students out! I got a 61% on the first test and I was excited. I was a point or two away from failing so I know I need to buckle down and study hard for the next test in a few weeks.

As for the other classes: Calculus 1 is going great! I am so happy that I actually know what the hell I am doing in that class. Dr. Young is such a laid-back guy that I enjoy coming to calculus class. I got an 85% on the first test, and the problems that I missed were just some simple algebra errors. We’re starting to get into more difficult calculus now, but I know as long as I put my mind to it I can handle anything. World History is also going well. I got an 89% on the first test, plus a perfect on our “improvement points” quiz so I know I have over 100%. And we just took a test the other day so I know I definitely aced that test as well! Chem lab is going great. At first I was scared of Mrs. Coslow because she expects you to know so much, when in fact she wants you to use the knowledge that you already have and apply it to the class. She really has helped me to believe in my own problem-solving and thinking ability. I believe that I have a B in the class, but it’s nothing less than that, and I have plenty of time to bring the grade up to an A! Oh, English is also going great. I believe that I have a rough draft for a paper due on Friday, but it won’t take me that long to write the paper. And last but not least, EP 101 is going great. I finally am working on figuring out my topics for my two technical papers due before the end of the semester. More than likely it will have to do with space exploration to the moon and Mars. I’ll tell you exactly what they’re about when I have the topics listed in more detail. Basically school is great–challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now lately I have been feeling sick. I found out that since I am from up north (OHIO) that allergies can kick someone’s butt down here in Florida! So yeah, I have the whole NyQuil commercial in my head since I seem to have all the symptoms! But I will work through it and I have the water bottle handy to try to cure my dry, scratchy throat! Ok everyone I am off to chem lab, but I’ll keep you all updated on my progress very very soon! Take care and talk to you later! Adios mis amigos!


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