November 11, 2004

This has been a fast couple of weeks…hectic to say the least! The work load has been piling up and it seems like I can never take just a few minutes to relax. After my last entry, I had Cord Night for S.O. It was one crazy night, can’t say much about it, but you should check it out for yourself. It was probably the toughest thing I’ve ever been through but it was well worth it, and the end result made up for the rest. But I did eventually earn my white shoulder cord (and later the privilege to wear it..don’t get me started…), and it definitely gives me a sense of feeling and looking Sierra Hotel ( ask a ROTC kid)! We had a couple of parades and presented the colors at the homecoming game, with many more to do coming up, including Colin Powell possibly…huzzah!

My President Won..My President Won…just had to throw that in here somewhere.

I had my second speech in COM219 today…which was, hopefully, better than the last. Cross your fingers for me. I think I have about 3,521,635 papers due this week, so I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. All Freshmen have to take a College Success class their first semester, which is nice because it lightens the load and ends a few weeks early…so when I come back from Thanksgiving, I’ll only have one class Tues/Thurs. I’m thinking of going home to NJ..I haven’t been back yet and I really miss it. I want to take a road trip with my friends from here, but when I get there, it looks like a lot of my friends won’t be home so I haven’t decided yet.

I spent the weekend of Halloween volunteering for the Bush campaign. I got paid to walk around and hand out Republican voter guides, so that was pretty cool. I ended up getting roped into volunteering outside the polls on 11/2, but at least I finished out my ROTC volunteer hours. I also worked the Career Expo and the new student Open House this week. Then we had homecoming and a 3-day weekend with an awesome comedy show by some of the Whose Line is it Anyway? guys. A lot of alumni and parents showed up, along with a big group of prospective students, so it was kinda odd to have all these extra people around while everyone here was trying to get their party on. I hope they didn’t get the wrong impression.. I had a lot of fun Thursday and Friday night, but then I ended up falling off a roof, so I took it easy Saturday night. As you can see, Riddle has been a pretty busy little slice of Florida.

The weather is getting a bit cooler, which means it’s almost time for spring registration, and I’ll actually get to start on my ATM minor. I hope to start flying soon, but I haven’t found the maybe over Christmas?

My friend Aztrand down the hall reads this, and he brought me some macaroni and cheese, so he is currently my hero, and I’d like to tell him hello.

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