February 3, 2005

All right everyone get ready for a ride!!

Last night we went to watch the movie Hide and Seek, this is to everyone; WATCH IT!! Dakota Fanning, the little girl looks scary and spooky and her dad De Niro was superb. The movie was extremely scary but I noticed a very different behavior from audience, during every scary scene people would laugh to hide their fear, to hide it from the person sitting next. I did the same, lol. Go and watch the movie in the theater to check it out.

Earlier this week on Monday I almost missed my C programming class which is at eight in the morning. Even though I knew that, I was up late and guess what happened, I woke up at eight thirteen and I decided to go to sleep as my next class was at ten thirty but a thought of guilt ran through my brain and I jumped out of my bed and ran straight to my class. And I thank myself for that.

On Wednesday we had students Activity Fair, and that was what I was precisely waiting for. I joined Badminton Club, Indian student Association, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Avion Newspaper and the Task Force a part of Student Government. Yes there are a lot of fraternities here but I am not a fan of it. We also had a demonstration of skydiving, the members of skydiving club had taken off from Atlanta, GA and they dived on campus where the fair was taking place and I think that was amazing. A week before Riddle was tranquil but now suddenly everything is moving at fast pace. A lot of homework, club meetings, research papers, sports and sleeping are taking all my time up now.

It snowed 12 inches in New Jersey last week and I really miss it. I miss the part where I have to shovel snow three times a day. I still remember my sister and me playing in snow last year and the year before that. I felt like flying back to Jersey for a weekend but it was not possible.

I ordered a new dell notebook this week, completely customized by me and I got it for a great price. I saved around three hundred dollars because Riddle has an affiliation with dell. This is how it works; while you order give them Riddle’s member number, and you get instant members discount because you are a student at Riddle.

So this was it for now, the time is 11:34 pm. Goodnight, and until next time.


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