February 3, 2005

Hey everyone…I must tell you that I am not in the best of moods…It seems like there is never enough time to get anything done. We have been back to school now for almost 3 weeks I think and, I mean, I feel like I am so behind. School has never been so hard before in my life! Yeah, I know college is supposed to be hard, but it seems like it is draining the life outta me!

Now that I am a Chem lab assistant, I have more responsibility. I love the hands-on experience that I get since I am behind the scenes. I finally get to help people and put my knowledge to practical use! I like mixing the chemicals the best since I feel like a real scientist or something. I mean not all of my days are bad…I still love coming here, I just feel like not doing anything anymore…

I hate EGR 115! I don’t hate my professor, I just hate the class! I hate computers and I am only using them because I have to. I mean I think I just hate the class because I don’t understand how to do anything. This is, in turn, putting my spirits down…I just get confused and everything and I plan on going to my professor’s office hours tomorrow when I have a lighter day…

Personal time is small nowadays…I decided that I will probably try out for cheerleading so that I may keep in shape! I need to do something that can take my mind off of school and homework for a while! Besides, I miss doing gymnastics and I think I could add some spirit and tumbling to the team! GO EAGLES!

Well that is all that I have for now…I need to go take a nap since I am about to fall over now! Talk to you all very soon! Take care! Adios!


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