February 17, 2005

Hey everyone! Oh love is in the air…well it was at least for Valentine’s Day. All I had on my mind was spending time with Mike on this “Day of Love!” You see it was my first time ever celebrating Valentine’s Day and having a boyfriend to celebrate with, so maybe I was a little more excited than most people on campus, but you know! Well needless to say it was a nice evening, short due to the fact that I still had some humanities homework to finish and such.

Well, I still hate programming…My goodness I cannot comprehend that class to save my life. I have gotten some help from Professor Kindy, but I still feel lost. No one seems to know what is going on in that class…Well we have a test coming up and a program due on Friday so I’ll have to probably meet with him again before it’s due. I really want to do well in this class; it honestly does look like fun,yet there is so much new lingo and such that I really do not understand…Anyways…I finally feel like I’m actually helping people in the PS 101 chemsitry lab that I help assist with Professor Coslow! I am so glad now that I am in there, because at first it was still new and I didn’t know what was going on. Now that I am in the swing of things it is all good!

Oh and to help keep me on track, my friend Rowena (an Engineering Physics Freshman) and I are going to meet 3 times a week to get our homework done (to stay away from the boyfriends that tend to distract us so much!)!!!! So far that has been going well and we hope that it continues to work!

All other classes seem to be going well. I am catching up on Physics, while the lab for that class is not too bad right now. Humanities is my favorite class, which is funny since it has nothing to do with math or science! Professor Barbie really makes you think and I mean I cannot wait to go to her class! Especially now that we have been talking about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement and such, I feel more connected with the class! Yeah that class is totally awesome!

Well that is basically it for now…You all take care and I’ll update you all very soon! Bye Bye!


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