March 3, 2005

Hey everyone! Ok, well I mean life just cannot seem to get any crazier for me! I mean when you are trying to balance life that is going on back at home and then life here at school, you know it really starts to get hard. I had 2 exams this week in both Physics 1 and EGR 115 and I swear that I didn’t do too well on either of them. I am stressed out because I have seemed to forgotten what my goals are lately, or if they are even worth me going through the maybe next 4 years of schooling to get there. I know in my heart that I want to become an astronaut still, there just seems to be the fact that life is going on, besides the fact that I am striving for my dream. So in order to attack all of the self-doubt and whatnot, I joined the newly-developed Kendo club at the school.

Kendo is a form of Japanese sword fighting that uses a shinai(bamboo sword) to fight with. I am currently sore from the amount of swinging that we did in practice the other day, but I am so pumped to do well! Ever since I was younger I have wanted to take a form of martial arts (I mean, hey I was a BIG fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so yeah, I had to learn something)! And now that this is a new club and I finally got enough courage to go, I did! Mike is in the club too, but he has more experience in sword fighting than I do, but maybe one day we’ll both be able to challenge one another to a fight!
I really hope that all goes well with Kendo. I knew that I would go absolutely crazy if I didn’t join a club that was very athletic-based because I needed to let my frustrations out. I am going to try to rank and get better so that I can compete in competitions next year! But now I am left with the dilemma of trying out for cheerleading or no….so we’ll have to wait and see….

Ok everyone, I honestly hope to have some better news for you all next time…you all take care and I will talk to you very soon!


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