March 17, 2005

Hey everyone! My goodness I just feel so unorganized…school, I swear hates me…I just cannot wait for Spring Break next week! I get to meet Mike’s parents in Connecticut. I am so excited to meet them and to have time away from school.

C-programming is just out to get me it seems…I look so lost in that class. Math on the other hand, I thought I got the material, yet I still did terrible on my last test, worse than the first one! Physics, one of these days I believe that I’ll have it…Sometimes I feel more discouraged than other days…I NEED THE BREAK!!!!!!!

Ok, so the chem lab has been going great…I finally understand what’s going on and I like being in there mixing the chemicals. I feel important, plus I learn more about chemistry with a little more hands on experience…

Ok everyone…I hope to have a more exciting update for next time! Take care and I will talk to you all very very soon! Bye-bye!


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